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Dirt ride up to Burch mountain anyone?

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by KTMSMR, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. I just picked up my SMR and itching to get out and ride..
    No plate on her yet, So Burch mountain and/or Chumstick mountain looks to be the winner for my first ride out of the orchards.
    Looking on google maps it appears I can get up there from cashmere out my back door.

    Would love for someone to go with. And tell me about other good places to ride in the area. Maybe do a little target practice if you feel like it.

    I'm headed up to get lost tomorrow about 1pm regardless,
    But I'll leave this open as a ride I'd take anytime I'm not in class.
    At least till I can get a plate on the bike anyway.
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  2. I think Burch may be closed to vehicles due to the condition of the road. Not sure how far up you can get up into Nahahum Canyon towards Chumstick Mtn. Lots of snow on the roads where it hasn't gotten sun. Typically it won't clear out until April, but I could be wrong. I have a KTM 450EXC that I ride all the time, so hit me up sometime if you want to do some dirt riding.

  3. Thanks wasn't thinking about snow, I'm from the wetside, not used to snow sticking around this long...
    Guess I'll find out today...
    Pm sent
  4. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    The new gate at the foot of Burch Mtn road was closed a week or so ago when I checked.

    A good ride is up over Nahahum, and out via Swakane - but yeah - there was a fair bit of snow in there still, last time I checked. More of a chained-up 4x4 proposition then.

    Give it a few weeks or a couple of months depending on weather. It turns into a real nice summer ride. I like to let the roads set up a bit after the spring thaw anyway, to keep from churning up deep ruts in the soft spots too.

    I hear more snow is predicted later this week, followed by rain. We'll see! Bit by bit, the roads are clearing up. I've been pleased to be out on the bike so much already this year.

    Regards, Guy
  5. I made it out this weekend. The Entiat River Rd is in primo condition for this time of year. Felt really great to get out of town and see some actual corners.
  6. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Are you still on White & Blue Thunder? Thought I saw you over the weekend.

    Sadly I was on four wheels.
  7. Yeah Im still on the Buell. I thought about selling her for something lilttle more sumo/duel sport-ish, put out some feelers but didnt get the bites I was looking for. I'll just keep her, every time I think of selling her I get a knot in my stomach anyways.
  8. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Yeah - she's quite a bike.

    You could likely pick up a good, used Dual Sport of some sort for a reasonable price. Something to go poking around the dirt on.

    I ought to consider that myself. Too many good dirt roads here in the area.

  9. Can Anyone tell me if this road is a county/state/DNR road that I can ride up?
    Google won't map it up this mountain (stops at last house)

    I searched around for maps of the area but couldn't find anything

    Anyways it looks to me like I should be legal to ride up the road and be on DNR land..
    I stopped at the guys house that's on the map there.. (His driveway is the road up the mountain). And he about had a heart attack that I even considered ridding up there.
    Personally I feel he was just being a dick and not wanting to play nice..
    Guy had a quad and stuff don't really know what his problem was but he did not want me going up there.
    I got street tires on my bike, not wanting to tear shit up just looking for a good ride close to my house.

    Any help would be great..
    And sources for your info would be great.
    A map stating its is a county road or something that I can ride on.

    Thanks Joe;FQjC1AIdQ5DS-A&t=h&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=16&z=16
  10. I heard a story very similar to that one from someone taking their lifted rock crawler up birch mt. Maybe the same guy? Or everyone that lives on top of that mountain is paranoid, who knows.

    Once you get some plates on Her give me a jingle and we'll go for a ride.
  11. Just to clarify, he lives at the bottom of the mountain..but there is a road that goes up from his driveway..
    I highly doubt that he owns the hillside so that is why I'm asking, cause it sure looks to be public access road to me..or at the least its a service road up to the power lines.. which in my mind says legal to ride..

    It's gonna be a few weeks yet before I can get plates. IRS is holding taxes for some reason...

    And no truck to haul it to a place to ride..

    Went up Nahahum Canyon the other day but found snow not too far up the dirt road..
    I just want to ride. And this looks the most promising with no snow on top

  12. Joe,

    the rest of the road is part of the Highline Canal access rd, and is off limits except to irrigation dist folks and the property owners. The guy that owns that driveway owns a very large chunk of land to the north and east of there. pretty much everything you see on that hillside is privately owned, except the rock cut and the land way up on the tops of the ridge.
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  13. I'm getting this info off the parcel layers on our gis system at work. you can access pretty much the same thing by goingto chelan county assessors website and doing a property search. its a slow and clunky system but it will give you the ownership info youre looking for.
  14. Thanks for the info DeeG.. Forgot about looking at county assessors site..
    Guess I'm screwed on riding til I get a plate.

    Edit: Wow who ever made the county assessors website needs to be fired and go work at McDonalds. And never touch a computer again.
    That site is worthless. My 7 year old son could have made a more functional site then that.
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  15. Isn't that Jim Weythman's place? He's a cool dude. He lets people hunt on his land... but you have to know him. He owns lots of the land out there. The guys I was telling you about lives further up Eels road. Don't cross that guys path... talk about a major douche!
  16. Don't know his name, but "Jim" was not happy that I rode up to his place to ask if I could ride up the hill. Said he NEVER allows bikes up the road to top of the hill.
    But oh well.
    Tomorrow I'm ordering all my parts to get it street legal, then I won't ahve to deal douche waffles not letting me ride up their dirt road... :ninja: