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Disatel Pass, Sat, July 2nd. through Grand Coulee

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Rocketman, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Anyone interested in riding through Grand Coulee then North over Disatel pass. Back through Omak and down through Brewster. I will be dropping off at Brewster for a week. The ride from Brewster to Spokane is 145 miles. Anyone wanting to catch a good ride I am going to head up and around the pass make the trip a bit more fun. It will be about a 320 mile ride for anyone making the whole trip. You can also stop off at the rez and get some good fireworks. Le me know asap, We can meet in Airway Heights at yokes at 10:00 leave around 10:15.
  2. I want to ride there so bad, but cannot this weekend.

  3. Bad weekend for me too. I would love to go and see my grandma. She lives on the omak side of disatel. I grew up in Okanogan.
  4. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Yeah nice area, I am doing work over there at CJD and in Okanagon, but isn't that a lot of straight roads? Well, I can't make it anyway I have to got to Kimberley OR and visit family. Probably take the gix in the truck and get it our for the hill between Hepner and Kimberly.
  5. Snake,
    that is awesome!! Wanna pick me some fruit?
    On your way out there..after you go past hardman and you drop into the forest there..right by umm..Bah i can never remember the name of that park..but yea, Sunflower flats road is right next to it on the corner..About 2 miles up that my fam owns a lil bit of land with cabins and all that. I always dream of riding my bike up through that area..Heading out from Ukiah coming towards Heppner would be an awesome ride..actually..a ride all the way from outside of La Grande to Heppner would be awesome.
    Anyway. sorry..Love seeing people that know that area.
  6. The road from Wilbur to Grand Coulee is about as straight as you can get. The ride gets fun once you head north from Coulee. The road is a winding not too traveled two lane clear over Disatel pass. The pass is the fun part. After you get into Omak you can pick and choose your run. A really fun longer ride is up around the Loop Loop highway. Or even up over the cross state highway that is closed in the winter time. This is of course a very long ride. Possibly a two day depending. Anyhow, from Omak coming down into Brewster you can take the old highway 97 which winds through old apple orchard country. following the Columbia River. Then back to Spokane. Anyhow, have a good fourth everyone!!
  7. I am heading out Saturday morning around 10:00. Catch ya all when I get back!! Maybe I will post up some pics. I hope to do lots of riding next week since I am off all week. Anyone is still welcome to hook up with me tomorrow for the loop through Omak. Happy Fourth!!