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Disc Brake Locks

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Beerbohm, May 3, 2005.

Am I realy that Dumb?

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  1. If you are going to get one of these and use it I would recomend getting the yellow cord that goes to your throttle. I just found out that even if it is bright yellow you can still forgett you had it on. I need a bandaid for 2 little tiny scratchs anyone know were I can get that. :shock: :( :oops: :x :knob:
  2. That's the ONLY reason I don't use one anymore...I had a couple close calls a few years ago when I almost took off with it still on. You aren't alone!

  3. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I just put it on where I cant move the bike that way its impossible to take off...
  4. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    check your rotors.

    you're not alone in this. took off with it on, almost dropped the bike, i was like "wtf?" tried to go again, almost dropped the bike again. and then... "oh, yeaaaah...."

    now i have a cord thingie.
  5. It's funny you mention this since I just saw one for the first time yesterday. I came into work and parked next to a a bike that I saw a yellow cord hanging off the side. A close inspection revealed that yes, it was disc brake lock. Very cool idea and you can't miss the yellow.
  6. is this a anti-theft device, and where do you get them
  7. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    yep on anti-theft device. any dealer should have them. some of them have alarms built into them.
  8. Lets look at this from a crooks point of view!!!!
    Your anti-theft thing is NOT going to stop me and my looser friends from picking up your bike and putting in my truck. So dont be fooled that these things are going to keep your bike safe.An alarm will help keep them off of it, but it wont stop them from taking it.
  9. I am thinking about getting one just for stupid-fuckass-roommate-trying-to-move-my-bike prevention.

    (Not bitter about my bike being dropped and the guy fucking up my turn signal. Not one bit.)
  10. Dude I know how you feel my old roommate hit my 01gixxer and my 03gixxer with her car,very lite damage. :x
  11. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    let's look at this from a dumbass crook's point of view (and there's a lot out there)...

    view 1) i'm walking along, i see a cool bike i want to take it. i wait till the owner's gone, i walk up to it, look at the disc lock, and say "shit." and walk off.

    view 2) i'm walking along, i see a cool bike i want to take it. i wait till the owner's gone, i walk up to it, get on, brake the handlebar lock pin and try to roll off, but get stopped by the disc lock and fall over. "screw this." and i leave it on its side and continue on my way.

    view 3 (with an alarmed disc lock)) i'm walking along, i see a cool bike i want to take it. i wait till the owner's gone, i walk up to it, get on, brake the handlebar lock pin and all of a sudden hear a piercing wail coming from the front wheel. the owner shows back up, beats the living shit out of me and i go to jail.

    the disc lock is a deterrent and it's better than no deterrent at all. yes there will always be the group of assholes that swing by and just throw your bike into the back of a truck or van and take off. i've already heard of plenty of guys' bikes that were jacked it many different ways, like just braking the lock pin and going for a joyride, and personally a lot of them could've been stopped if they only had something as small as a disc lock.

    for the asses that do decide to throw your bike into the back of a truck or van, we now have lo-jack and i guarantee that it'll be very popular on a lot of bikes. so if you jack somebody's bike don't be surprised if some dudes show up at your front door with guns and crowbars to beat the shit out of you and leave you for the cops and assrapers in jail.

    i hate thieves. get a fucking job.
  12. I personally do not like them. Ya know, if someone wants to steal your motorcycle, they will. Period. That's just my opinion on it though.

    fast_lcf's brother rolled into San Francisco on his Ducati 916. He was gone for 45 minutes just to grab a bite to eat. He paid to have his Duc parked in a secure, paid parking garage, and it was still stolen.

    If someone wants your bike bad enough, it'll be gone. They've done countless articles on it in the more liberal UK moto magazines. With 4 guys and a van, a bike can be gone in 20 seconds.
  13. I thought about an alarm or a lock but like you all said if they want the bike theyre gonna take it. And for me if you want it that bad go ahead cause what goes around comes around
  14. +1

    So just don't leave it unattended! ;)
  15. Ghetto brake lock----

    Get the round bolt locks like most little self storage places have, ti fits the holes in drilled rotors, and costs about $6....

  16. I make that mistake just ONCE with my disc lock on. I haven't made it since in over 3 years.
  17. Before you guys waste money on dedicated disc locks, you should check to see if a standard Masterlock will work. They are way smaller/lighter and can't be cut with bolt cutters. One front and one rear should do the trick. If you want triple protection go to Lowes and buy a Kyrptonite cable and put a 3rd Masterlock on that. You can just buy a three pack of locks and you're set with one key. Be sure to run the cable fully thru the frame and the front wheel, and lock it to something solid (steel post, etc..)

    I also place my master-disc locks where I cannot move more than an inch or two, so no problem. They fit thru the crossdrilling holes in the discs
  18. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    I agree with Jezterr 110%. I have one and use it a lot when I'm in the greater Seattle area. It's meant to be a deterant, and it will do just that from those who are going to take it on a whim. My older brother had his bike stolen from his apt. from people who put it into a truck... It they're dedicated, they're going to take it. What I want to know more about though is this tracking device... Do tell me more!