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Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics (Free)

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Old Dane, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Been planning to do this for about 3 weeks. The clinic is at 9am on Sunday the 4th of October, 2009. If anybody else is interested let me know, and we can all meet somewhere :coffee2: and go together.

    Starts out at 10500 SW Cascade Blvd., Tigard, OR 97223 (next to Beaverton Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha) 9am on the first Sunday of every month (rain or shine), with a 1 hour lecture, covering Survival Reactions (see below), followed by a 70 mile loop ending at Wanker's Corner in Wilsonville, OR, where we debrief.

    Survival Reactions:
    1: Roll-off the gas.
    2: Tighten on the bars.
    3: Narrowed and frantically hunting field of view.
    4: Fixed attention on something.
    5: Steering in the direction of the fixed attention.
    6: No steering (frozen or ineffective), (not quick enough or too early steering).
    7: Braking errors (over and under braking).
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  2. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

  3. :scratchea so lecture for an hour and then a 70 mile ride, sounds interesting
  4. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    Wonder what the pace is going to be like? :p
  5. The pace may not be to fast, although I don't think we are gonna be going at snails pace either. :skating:

    Besides we would still have to find the nearest detour back from Wilsonville! :301

    And a ride is a ride is a ride...
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  6. I guess I go alone, by myself, and without anybody else! :|

    I'll let you know how it was. :smile:
  7. Noobs need not apply. I went on a few and even with multiple groups i still had to pick up a few bikes (and cruisers are HEAVY!!). If you got at least a season with a few thousand miles under your belt its good to learn some new things. But there will be some very skilled riders in the A group that will have a spirited pace.
  8. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    I was thinking of going... but I'm doing the Klick run instead. 70 miles isn't enough for me for what will be such a beautiful Sunday. I'm shooting for 350 miles :)
  9. easy like sunday morning riding.
    i love sunday mornings usually see a bunch of bikes on the commute.
    much better than weekdays around noon lots of traffic.... thats where u learn how to ride. :)

    im so proud to be a biker. makes me much better driver of my car... only problem is i cant stand driving that dumb cage anymore.
  10. And you will see me en route I-5 vancouver to the 405 to HW26 to Murray on my way to work at Beaverton Toyota in Beaverton, when I do work. I was laid off Dec. 31 2008, but I am still on call, and I have been going in quite often lately. :mfclap:

    As I said, we still have to get home from Wilsonville, and by taking some kind of detour, I would really like to turn it into a 300-350 mile ride. Something like,-122.137756&spn=0.77484,1.783905&z=10
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  11. cool pete we do a lot of work for beaverton toyota. if you ever get a chance stop by on the bike and say hi. it'll be obvious if im workin or not bikes parked on the sidewalk.
  12. I had no experience except an hour in a parking lot when i went to my first doc wong clinic. Hell i didn't even have an endorsement, just a learner's permit, riding with my friend who was endorsed. I had a great time, learned alot and nobody went in the ditch. Actually i've been 8 times in 2 1/2 years and nobody has ever crashed in A, B, or C group. So i'm either very lucky or your unlucky(depending on how you look at it). You set your own pace at Doc Wong. They won't leave you behind, they wait at every stop sign and road change and have a follow up rider sweeping to make sure nobody is left behind. You just need to be honest with yourself about what group you belong in and how fast you should be riding. Ride within your abilities.

    I'll be there tomorrow. You can't learn too much.
  13. Sounds cool. Wish it was further north...but how did you hear about it? I just went to his website and it seems he's based in California and he doesn't mention Oregon at all. Oh well, let us know how it goes :mfclap:
  14. So I went to Doc Wong Rider Clinic this morning at 9:00. Lots of nice people, male and female. Also lots of different bikes, several Ducatis, Buells, a HD or two, Suzuki, Yamahas, Hondas, a Victory and more. We were about 40 people for the lecture/discussion. We talked about Survival Reactions as mentioned in the first post. Like Roll-off the gas, Tighten on the bars, Narrowed and frantically hunting field of view, Fixed attention on something, Steering in the direction of the fixed attention, No steering (frozen or ineffective), (not quick enough or too early steering) and Braking errors (over and under braking). Various choices you could use in those situations were brought up and talked about. Some of us have riden for 3 years or less, some 3-10 years, and some 25+ years, but we all are still capable of doing some pretty unsafe things here and there while riding our bikes. Whether it is due to habit, ignorance, or just plain imbecility (I like that word :)), doesn't really matter. You'll be a safer rider with less change of an accident by expanding your awareness of those flaws. Anyway, enough said about that.

    After about an hour of discussion we split up in 3 groups:
    Slow for people who were new to bikes, and who would like some kind of input to what ever the "instructor" were able to catch that was being done wrong or needed improvement.
    Intermediate for people with enough experience to feel they did not belong in the Slow group, but didn't feel secure enough about their riding skills to go with the Fast(er) class of riders.
    Fast(er) is pretty much self explanatory.

    We went from Tigard through Sherwood, before turning off towards the hills and the nice curvy type of roads we all like. I spent the first third of the ride with the Slow group, which I found to be a mistake on my part. With my wife on the back, I would probably choose that one though, as to not give her a heart attack. Well, maybe the Fast(er) one wouldn't be such a bad idea after all! :twisted:
    After changing groups to the Fast(er) one, I had a great time, and kept up pretty well. Only one little incident in a right/left corner, as the left part of it turned out to be wet with leaves one it. I barely touched the rear brake as the front wheel was already getting close to the shoulder. Ooops! Well, I stayed up, and I made it through with the rear sliding sideways. Fortunately nobody saw my stupid move or tactical error. We ended up at the Wanker's Corner Burger Place in Wilsonville, had coffee or whatever while just talking. A pretty fun day! I am sure I will do it again.

    (It is actually an ongoing class, every first sunday of the month, where some different subjects are brough up at each meeting. Basically, they are following a book by Keith Code called "A twist of the Wrist Vol II: The Basics of High Performance Motorcycle Riding". Link:
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  15. Thanks for the info on this...Glad you had a great day and you kept it up8)
  16. I attended one class/ride in the spring. I did the A ride. It was spirited, but not superfast. Just comfortable. There was also a downed rider in the B group. I think it was the ride leader, actually. The roads chosen were very nice. I think the instruction is more for beginners to low intermediates.
  17. Went.

    Good class, good information. When I've had more then a week on the new bike I'll go for the ride too.
  18. so another one coming up this weekend, may go check it out :scratchea
  19. I am pretty much set on doing it again this Sunday. Anybody wants to meet up in Vancouver around 8:00am (Krispy Kreme, 8517 N.E. Andresen Road, Vancouver, WA 98665, or maybe someplace else, let me know. 8)
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  20. :angry7: Ended up having to babysit... almost as much fun as riding - NOT! :big_duel:
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