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Don't be a DY DB!

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by 1badhusky, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. This year I've been caught behind more motorcyclists going slow who won't pull over or wave me by than any year I've ridden.

    In the past, I've been very hesitant to pass another rider on a double yellow, but now I've actually started to be more annoyed with this type of rider than bad car drivers. You really ought to know better. I expect more from my fellow riders.

    It hasn't happened to me often the other way, where someone comes up on me, but when it has, I sure as hell wave people on.

    It seems just common courtesy if you see another bike behind you to respect their ride and get the hell out of the don't even really need to slow down, just take the right side of the lane and wave by on a little straight. But nope. I'd say a dozen times this year that has NOT happened.

    I'm pretty annoyed that I've been caught behind so many this year who apparently can't be bothered. It never seems to be the sportbikers - always someone on a Harely or a standard bike.

    I now spend just enough time behind to ensure they know I'm there and find out if they are going to be cool or not. If not, I've now decided if you're gonna ride like a douche, you're gonna get passed like a douche and I rip a pass. It's very tempting to give a 1-fingered salute, but I haven't...yet.
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  3. To ME, this seems a little short sided of YOU. I'm sure they are not out to slow down your ride, probably just newer riders that don't know any better. I just hope your impatience and ego don't cause other (possibly new) riders any issues.
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  4. :mfclap:

    yeah, a little.

    I'd feel A LOT better if a bunch of people in here were like, "Oh sorry bro, I do this all the time and didn't realize I was being a doucher, I'll wave you by next time!"
  5. Just like if you are in a car: If a rider wants to pass me, I'll let them worry about that. Just like the track, worry about what is in front of you. If someone wants to go around, that is something they will have to figure out.

    I'm not about to start waving people by, since you never know who it is, and if you are on a double yellow, they may take that as an "all clear" sign and head right into oncoming traffic. Especially with the morons in Portland. Those motherfuckers are stupid as shit.
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  6. Maybe with all the riders we have lost this year, the reality of riding too fast is setting in.

    Don't think of it as were holding you back, think maybe we are trying to save your life.

    Maybe what you really need is a few more track days......
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  7. I'll give you impatience, but why does this have anything to do with my ego?

    I'm not saying I'm mr. awesome on a motorcycle, just that in a number of instances this year, I was hoping to ride faster than the particular person who was in front of me and think it would be nice for them to show a little consideration to a fellow rider, just like I do it if I'm slowing someone down.

    I don't see how this has anything to do with ego.
  8. I'm not a fan of your logic. Not much different than someone saying "Maybe you shouldn't ride at all - wouldn't that be the safest thing? Don't think of it as the government outlawing motorcycles, think of it as the govt saving your life."

    Ride fast or ride slow, any way you cut it, it's a dangerous thing to do.
  9. Uh, that your right to ride fast (or at least faster then them) is somehow their responsibility to get out of your way, or wave you on. If NOT, you're gonna pass them like a douche, and possibly give them a one finger salute. Seems pretty egotistical to me.
  10. In my experience, which includes just such an event last week, it's not a matter of riding too fast. Most of the time the cruiser rider (most often a Harley but they are the most common bike of the type so ...) is going way slower than most sportbikers can safely go. And no, I don't think of it as you holding us back because in my experience, which includes just such an event on Friday, the rider in front isn't even aware we're back there because they never look in their mirrors.
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  11. I'll bet dollars to donuts that the problem is that the riders in front don't even know someone is behind them in most cases. In the few cases I've seen where they _are_ aware but don't move over or wave me on they are just being douche canoes a la left lane bandits.
  12. Final score from Seattle, Oregon 51, Washington State 26.

    OOHH and no one in Oregon was stupid enough to get porked to death by a horse!!! Talk about a bunch of FUCKING morons!! Dont hate on my state!!
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    How about you showing a bit of consideration to the rider in front? If they are that much slower than you but you cannot pass them in a safe and legal manner, then perhaps you need to dial it back a bit and cool your heels. Furthermore, if that "inconsiderate" rider in front of you is actually running at or slightly above the posted limit he is well within his rights to maintain his speed and his line. That is not being a douche, no matter how you wish to mis-categorize his behavior, that is being responsible.

    I will grant that you are correct in describing ripping past someone in an area where passing is neither authorized nor expected is a douche maneuver. While you may be more accepting of high risk when you ride, you have absolutely zero right to require an innocent rider to be exposed to that same level of risk.
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  14. I don't watch hockey.
  15. Even if they are going below the speed limit, in most states they do not have any responsibility to pull over unless there is a specific number of vehicles behind them.
  16. LOL Its was last nights collage football score. which is also not important. Try not to be a hater. I will too.

  17. I never said it was a legal requirement for them to do it, I said it seemed like a common courtesy thing to do, especially since it doesn't take you more than a couple seconds to let someone by.

    I also didn't say that they were "that much slower" I just said "slower". What I find most annoying about them is that they tend to go slow in the corners and then hammer it in the straights, making it much more difficult to make a legal pass than a car due to their acceleration advantage over a car.

    I also never said I have a "right" to ride fast. Man you guys like to make a lot of assumptions and put words in peoples' posts that aren't there. speeding is against the law, so how am I supposed to think it's my damn right? Again, I'm not trying to say what the law is, I'm looking for other riders to respect some etiquette - that we're out there to ride our own rides and would think we'd all have a little courtesy for each other so we're not interfering with each others' rides. Obviously from the responses in here that's not the case and I overestimated the sense of brotherhood people feel for others on 2 wheels.
  18. I totally agree with 1badhusky's position...
    There just simply is no legitimate reason not be courteous and wave someone by and it looks like that's the point he's trying to make.
    A majority of drivers (bike or car) are children who have issues with anyone trying to pass them and mentally just can't get beyond that. It's disgusting.
    Bikes have enough trouble dealing with road conditions and tarded cagers...we should be smart enough to keep our own egos in check and let people be on their way.
    Talk about 1badhusky's ego problem? It's your ego that makes your feel all threatened by someone wanting to get around your slow ass....
    And don't give all those standard bikes such a bad rap, I get out of the way...IF you're behind me.
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  19. Whatever vehicle you are operating on the road, one should constantly be scanning and checking mirrors. With that said, if I see someone roll up on my ass, you will see me make an obvious move to the right side of the lane to let you by (or whatever position allows me to ride safe and the faster rider to pass more safely). I don't want you riding my ass.
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