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Don't be lazy! Do a walk-around before riding.

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by JoeSzup, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Came up fast on a bike this morning who had his taillight and license plate light out. If it wasn't for the reflective stripes on the hard cases, it would be really hard to him/her in the dark. Riding in all black on a black bike. Inattentive cagers might not even see you. Do a walk-around before getting on your bike every morning. It takes less than a minute. Be careful out there.
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  2. Also a good idea for many other reasons! Tire pressure, loose nuts/bolts, dry chain. Just really a good idea.

  3. Yeah, I recently discovered my rear brake light wasn't responding to the hand controller on my Vulcan. It works on the rear, but not the front brake. Also, my signals still work, but the lights don't stay on anymore (running lights). Saw a Harley the other day with the same problem.

    I found out it was a bad relay in the junction box if anyone else is having similar problems. Took me a little while to hunt that little bastard down (even replaced a battery)... I've got a new box on order (I was going to just replace the relays, but Kawasaki used relays that are impossible to find outside of Japan), and I found a wiring short in the front brake I keep trying to fix (its REALLY pick about resistance and how I splice the line).

    It's definitely not a bad idea to take a good look. Even for a guy who rides daily, these things crop up...
  4. Good advice. Turns out my rear wheel was missing. Who knows how long I've been riding around like this.
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  5. I know the feeling, not only was my rear wheel missing, but most of my fairings, instrument cluster, and even get this, my carburetors. It's no wonder my bike seemed so quiet...