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Douche on the white R6 ... you're #1

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by RevrdMark, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. So pulled off of 205 onto Padden and pulled into the left turn lane at the intersection of Andresen behind a Squid on a white R6 wearing cargo shorts, unlaced shoes (complete with laces dangling to the road and around his shifter lever), no shirt and un-sinched strap on his helmet. I'm riding my little 78' XS400 cafe bike and he turns and looks my bike up and down then starts reving the throttle looking back at me. I close my mirrored visor and shake my head at him. The turn arrow turns green and he zips through the intersection with out checking to make sure it was clear first, switched turn lane in mid turn and screams the 100 yards up to the next red light, where i turn right. He crosses two lanes of traffic to follow me down 78th lurching his bike with the throttle then pops a wheelie with his boxer shorts hanging out of his cargo shorts that are down below his ass. To which i told him he was #1 :thefinge: as i turned into my neighborhood. Some of my best pastoral care work i think. :roll:
  2. Keeping it classy in the 'couve.

  3. You know things are bad when even a pastor has to throw the bird.
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  4. Sounds like a guy i work with but he ALWAYS ties his shoes ....hey you going to let me ride your sumo BRO......NO i dont think you can handle it
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  5. That would have been a DOVE!! Duhhh...:mfclap:
  6. What the hell is it with squids today?! One was riding down the inside shoulder of 217 in order to pass the cars moving with traffic this afternoon.

    No wonder there were so many bikes pulled over yesterday. 4th of July hits and all the retards come out of the woodwork for the Summer.
  7. what wait I thought squid was a good thing :scratchea
  8. Oh no, try again.


    This is something no one wants to see on the road....
  9. Ugh, I remember getting my shoelaces caught in the chain of my non-motorized bike as a kid... I can never have my shoes untied again.
  10. What a dip shit, I'm sure we'll be reading about him this summer.
  11. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I have fun with those guys....give em the nod, rev the bike, watch them take off like a rocket from the light while I just ride normal away. I'll let YOU get the ticket buddy. Thanks for being my rabbit!
  12. I know you pastors probably don't believe in evolution, but this is definitely natural selection at work.

    If I may add to this, another "you're #1" to the asshat in the giant ford "F" the fuck what ever pulling a trailer who saw no reason to stay on his side of the yellow line as he approached me on Salmon Falls road last night. Dickbag.
  13. That kid was lucky he ran into you Mark. Had he pulled that shit with Sister Margret, he would have been sporting rapped knuckles from a ruler. And, I can damn sure say, he wouldn't have been riding for at least a week afterwards.

    Don't ask me how I know. :innocent:
  14. Yes Steve it works,..... but you obviously don't know how to properly use it. :angry7:

    Look everyone, I'll explain it again. Your Flux Capacitors can't achieve temporal transvergence any slower than 88 miles per hour. Now in your case Steve, your baggy, droopy shorts were probably catching air and acting like a parachute. So next time pull up your drawers.
  15. :mfclap:
  16. I understand you're a pastor and all, but I'm afraid I can't believe a word you type until I see a picture of your XS400 cafe bike....
  17. "The truth will set you free ..." :mfclap:

  18. Sounds bad ass too!