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Downtown Parking reply from the Mayors Office

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by recr8ton, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hello All,

    So, I received an email from Ginny Peckinpaugh, Public Advocate - Transportation; Office of Mayor Sam Adams

    I am currently emailing her back to express my disappointment with the city and I encourage ALL of you to do the same!!!

    My Original email:

    From: R.E. CREIGHTON II []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 2:20 PM
    To: Adams, Mayor
    Subject: Motorcycle Parking Downtown

    Hello Mayor Adams,

    I part of a Koin 6 news story, aired on Sunday 4/18/2010 and Monday 4/19/2010 regarding Motorcycle/Scooter parking in the downtown city blocks and the discontinuation of the perforated “Proof of Payment” tear off receipt issued by Smart Meter curb side machines. I would like to ask a moment of your busy schedule to voice my continuing concern regarding this matter. The city of Portland does great things for the biking community, I bike as well, but I feel the ball has been dropped in major way in relation to the other two wheel transportation communities: Motorcycles, Scooter and Mopeds.

    The City of Portland Office of Transportation website clearly states:

    “You are being asked to place the receipt on the headlight of your motorcycle/scooter while you are parked.
    You should note that the receipt has two parts to it. The larger section is for you to attach to the vehicle and the smaller section is for your records. It is very important that you detach the smaller one and keep it for your records. Should the one on your vehicle be lost or stolen you will be able to prove you paid by presenting the smaller part of the receipt.”

    If it is so important to detach and keep the receipt to prove payment, why is it being discontinued?

    Discontinuing these Proof of Payment tear off receipts make it difficult or impossible for motorcyclists and scooterists to prove they have paid for parking should their exposed sticker be removed. Motorcycles and scooters are required to not only purchase parking at the same rate as cars, they are required to display the parking stubs on the headlight of the motorcycle/scooter, thus leaving the stubs open to theft, vandalism and/or the elements. It is not uncommon for these stubs to be taken, blown off by the wind or by passing cars. Should the motorcycle/scooter operator fall prey to one of the mentioned misfortunes and be issued a parking citation, they are now left in the untenable position of trying to provide proof of payment to the courts.

    Providing proof of payment without the tear off receipt to the courts as a Motorcycle/Scooter operator is a tedious and often frustrating task, as well as, financially challenging as the operator must now take time to research and obtain proof of payment, as well as, miss work to appear before the courts to defend themselves, where as with the tear off receipt, they simple mailed a copy in with the issued ticket. This task will be even more daunting should the operator use coins in lieu of a credit/debt card to purchase parking as no paper trail is available (I.E. bank statements)

    This, among other issues are not new, in a May 25th 2006 City of Portland Motorcycle and Scooter User Survey, Pages 23-26 Titled: What can the City of Portland do to improve motorcycling/scootering in the city? Are there policies or physical improvements that need to be made that would improve conditions for riders? Over 700 comments fell into 3 broad categories: Road Maintenance, Parking and Policy/Support/Education. The response to parking is “The new stickers for the Smart Meters often get stolen off bikes.”
    ( found here: )

    I encourage both Smart meter and the city of Portland to be considerate to suggestions that will allow agreeable solutions to all parties involved. Agreeable solutions can involve, but not limited to: (1) Free or reduced motorcycle/scooter parking cost(s) in metered parking spaces; many progressive cities do practice this in an effort to reduce congestion and pollution in their downtown areas. (2) Metered parking with an option to have a receipt printed at the time of purchase. (3) Do not discontinue the perforated “Proof of Payment” tear off receipt. (4) Change the placement of the stubs from the headlight to the inside of the wind visor.

    If I may be of further assistance or offer insight please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you for your time.
    Logan Creighton
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  2. in 10 months she has had no complaints....

    well PNWers....time to change that!!!!

    let her have it! each and every time you have to deal with this crap.

    Bump for our portland brothers and sisters...

    keep up the good fight.

  3. done:rant

    she seemed a bit worried
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  4. Be nice everybody. It's very important that the Mayors office and the Portland Bureau of Transportation hear and understand our concerns, but be nice.

    Don't forget to contact Dan Bower Too!

    Transportation Options
    Policy Program Manager
    Portland Bureau of Transportation

  5. Further com:


  6. Dang straight. Be courteous and kind.

    And it helps to actually create a email or letter with proper grammar and spelling too.

    If you want them to take you serious, take yourself and this campaign serious.
  7. Umm I get crap for posting in Washington posts so go to the Washington threads.
  8. ^^^ None of that here...seriously.
  9. That email from Ginny is too funny. I don't have a dog in this issue and haven't commented before but you all have a long road. If you read between the lines in her email she is basically say "your problems are #439 on my plate and #5,342 on the cities plate."

    Don't let my piss poor attitude towards government get you guys down. But her response "i have not received an email or call...." still makes me laugh.

    Good luck!
  10. That very well could be S3 Will, however, it could also be that people just don't know where to turn to voice themselves -and or- are so frustrated they just pay the citation and move on.
  11. :scratchea
    I wonder how many days before she changes her number and e-mail address?


    Well since we can easily fit 2-3 bikes in one parking space I'm sure the city won't mind if we start park-pooling.


    So let's see, we buy one ticket one time, then take a pic (with date function turned off) from juuusst far enough away that they can't read the ticket and viola : lifetime free parking.

    :devil: :mfclap:

    So, SOOOOO typical. It isn't their problem so they don't give a s*** about it. When all they have to do to fix it, is NOT CHANGE THE PARKING RECEIPT. Leave it the way it was and we will have viable proof of purchase.

    These people could screw up a wet dream, they really could...

    I called both and left 'em v-mail for Monday morning.
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  12. i see a silver lining for having no printed receipt. the city could essential tell riders that your parking is on us, unless you are ticketed. if you do happen to see a ticket on your bike, pay the minimal amount with a credit card. print and submit a copy of your statement. last time i checked, there's no time stamp on credit card statement.

    i would fight for free and more parking, but not so much for receiptless.
  13. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    This is the kind of counter-productive attitude I despise. I don't mean to call you out, S3 Will... but I'm citing you as an example of the apathetic approach that gets nothing done. Way to go?

    No, I don't think your assessment is accurate at all. I used to work for the City of Portland. I know that's not the way they work.

    Positive change will come. It may take time, but it will come. I am sure of it.
  14. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    And please... if you're going to send an email or make a phone call, be chill and respectful! There's no need to send hate mail or be overly assertive on the phone or aggressive. That will accomplish nothing.

    (some little bird told me so)
  15. Sorry buddy, but you will NEVER convice me that public employees work harder/smarter than private sector. I too also used to work as a public employee for Washington Co and City of Gladstone (4 years total). I got out because I was turning into a toad. Being constantly surrounded by mediocrity drains ones spirit and that is what I read out of her email. A close friend of mine currently works for Portland and the stories he tells me of wasted money and the "cities" general attitude towards the public is sicking. Your right that my attitude/comments probably won't help the cause but that is what they are, my opinions - just as yours are.

    Sorry guys - didn't mean to get this topic off track but slow drivers and politics boils my blood.
  16. Just a heads up...when you email Ginny you will get this reply;

    So, S3 will...have you put your call/email in yet? Would be really great if you could help us in this.

    Email, call or write to:
    Dan Bower
    Transportation Options
    Policy Program Manager
    Portland Bureau of Transportation


    Ginny Peckinpaugh
    Public Advocate - Transportation
    Office of Mayor Sam Adams
    1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 340
    Portland, OR 97204
    P: 503-823-1384

  17. This is what I just sent.

    Ginny & Dan,

    I’m a motorcyclist and use this as my primary transportation when I travel downtown for several reasons. It is easier to maneuver the congestion(I’m able to see pedestrians easier and react faster), I take up less room than a car and it saves on gas. I live in Oregon City so taking the bus isn’t a realistic option for me. As you are aware or are becoming aware off paying for parking is an issue. Unfortunately people steal the stickers off the headlight and use them for their own cars. Yes, I can take a photo or write down the receipt but I still have to spend my valuable time dealing with the courts to resolve the issue if a citation is issued. There has to be an option that will satisfy the cities desire to reduce the use of paper (which is great) but still provide an adequate permit option to motorcyclist. Ultimately, it is the cities responsibility to provide effective and fair permit options to motorcyclist that doesn’t require any further effort on our part past paying for the permit.

    Will Snyder
    503-833-2626 Cell
    971-223-4741 Fax
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