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dr350 parts

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by tims007, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. parting out a 1990 dr 350 with clean title clean frame.( only bad part is frame has no vin tag on it and no its not stolen as the title is in my name)... ask for a part and i have it .. let me know what you want/need and ill get you a price .. everything will be reasonably priced.
    motor is currently torn apart . everything is in good condition though.

    pics at the bottom

    complete front brake assembly ( no rotor) $50

    complete rear brake assembly ( no rotor) $50

    motor will part it out if there is a particular part you need let me know ( it is torn apart and in ziplock baggies) head gone cam gone valve covers gone

    wheels 100 each ( with rotors ect) rear rim sold

    front suspension with tripple trees and bearings 100

    rear suspension 50...........
    ....................... both = 90
    rear swingarm 50...........

    frame ( no vin plate as it got lost during clean-out) with clean title $50

    wire harnes--$55

    coil $15

    little eletronic black box that controls things $75

    regulator $30

    white clark gas tank $50..............
    new raptor 660 petcock $25.......

    handle bars $50 with barkbusters as seen in pic

    carb ( needs to be cleaned ) $50





    ( i did plan to rebuild this bike but i think its better i part it out and save up to buy a running bike due to frame vin loss ( damn kids cleaning my work space) [

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  2. I need some motor parts. Why was it torn apart? Is it a street or dirt?

  3. Street and it was torn apart cause the kid I bought it off couldn't get it to run. So I tore it down to make sure everything was ok and it is except for one item. The reason it didn't run is cause the carb is all fucked up, the isle in the motor is not an issue but more of a concern to be rectified there was rtv allllll over one of the bearings why I have no clue you want the motor ill give you the whole motor in ziplock bags for $400
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  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    There was a guy who posted in the 'classifieds' a week or so ago. He was looking for a exhaust system.
  5. Yeah that was me a week ago plans changed
  6. How much do want for the wheels?
  7. Wheels complete with rotor ect... both for 175 or 100 each?
  8. bump

    first post prices updated and parts list updated added pics


  9. bump

    first post prices updated
  10. update .. all electrical is sold and the case half's are sold petcock sold
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  11. Can I buy your title I don't need the frame I live on frame also is missing my number is808 495 e mail is please get back to me mahalo name is nate
  12. I still would like to buy your title.please let me know
  13. anybody have any dr350 parts? valves and springs?