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Dual Sport the Columbia Gorge

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by GS1200, May 7, 2014.

  1. This is a place to post upcoming DS rides.

    May 18 will be a good one. This ride will include Suicide Grade, Hedges Grade and Upper Mill Creek. Easy to very difficult. Meeting place will be the totem pole in Moiser at 10AM. Bring a lunch and first aid kit. Post here if you plan on going. More to come.
  2. This will be abut 120 miles. We'll be riding the two most challenging tracks in the area. Big bikes are welcome as there will be escape routs and waiting locations.

  3. Fixed it for you. :mrgreen:
  4. Thanks! This will be one of the best DS rides this year. I'm pumped!
  5. I would need to weld up a gas can holder for my subframe on Saturday to carry 5 gallons of premix = Most limiting factor.

    Edit: dont have any usable steel tubing left or time to grab some between now and saturday,

    Instead i'm just going to ride The Dalles Mountain Road.

    Have fun Guys! Hope i can make the next one.
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  6. Hope to see you next ride!
  7. DS riders, meet us at "Impromptu Riders" on Facebook. I'm new at the Facebook group thing so have patience.
  8. A lot of really pretty wildflowers (balsam root and lupin) around the Dalles Mountain Ranch. Was a Very fun ride as well, came back on centerville for even more pretty scenery! (also, the 2 stroke gets around 20mpg...)
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  9. Did you take O'Brian Road also? If not try it sometime. Glad you had a good time. Join us sometime.
  10. The ride today was challenging. Lots of dropped bikes and one DNF. We started with 11 bikes. I'll snag a video off ADVRider when one gets posted.

  11. Nah, took the easy way out on Uecker. Maybe next time. :stir:

    Looks like quite the group! I may need to get something more fuel efficient and reliable so I can go on the longer trips.
  12. I tried to talk a friend of mine into taking this ride. He declined and I'm glad he did. This would have been way over his head. When I post a ride I'll do my best to describe the difficulty level and I'll have some good "bail out" points for those that want to sit it out. Anyway, here's another picture (of the easy stuff), I'm still trying to source some action videos.

  13. So is yours a 200 or 300?
  14. 200, got it for trails, then realized it could be plated with minimal effort. Never thought a 200 would have so much juice. If i knew i was going to ride so much enduro with it, I would have gotten the 300 :scared
  15. I never had an Orange bike (except for the Beta). But that 4 stroke KTM 350, the street legal one is very tempting. I love my WR but would love more power.
  16. I can't wait to see more pictures and video. Keep them coming :)

  17. Here's a vid of the May 18th ride. I come in view at 7:11, black jacket, helmet cam. Tell me if I linked this ok, I'm getting an empty box with my iPad.