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Dual Sport the Columbia Gorge

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by GS1200, May 7, 2014.

  1. Brad, did you get the bike together yet?

  2. Woohoo!! That's my video.

    That was a fun day, and lucky for me I didn't drop at all. I guess I better try harder next time.

    Here's the Mill Creek crossing...kinda

    Suicide Grade climb

    A little scooting up off Rawson Rd getting some single track on

  3. Yuppers! A buddy and I took off Friday-Sat and did 500 miles of backroads and FS roads over to Sisters and back. About an hour in I experienced my first flat tire ever and did my first field repair. Took about an hour because I had to take the wheel off and completely pull the tube as the valve had separated from the tube. I'm having to fine tune a few things and install new tires but I should be ready next week for another day trip out your direction.

  4. Glad you shot some videos. I had my GoPro but forgot my SD card! What bike were you on?
  5. I was on the DRZ with black radiator shrouds, frame covers and fenders with a clear Clarke tank. I had the grey and blue Belstaff coat on and a silver Bilt helmet too.
  6. This looks fun. I want to join the next one.
  7. I met up with some guys from Washugal today and rode up to "Three Corner Rock". This is mostly easy gravel but the last mile is rocky and fun.


    Some of the guys found a route from the rock to Washugal River Road, I'll have to check that out myself sometime.
  8. Ron [MENTION=16173]GS1200[/MENTION], great meeting you. If you head down the trail that we split up at and make a left at the next intersection, then a left at the next bridge / river crossing (there are several derectional signs across from the bridge) and then another left at the next four way (take the road heading downgrade) you'll make it through no problem. (sounds like a NASCAR track). I believe it's about 20 miles. Looking forward to riding up by your place. [MENTION=13346]bgt595[/MENTION] [MENTION=9308]fijiman[/MENTION] [MENTION=7478]Mountaintime[/MENTION]





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  9. It was great to get out of work and enjoy the day with like-minded folks....

    Here are some pics...






  10. Anyone up for Suicide Grade in a few days? I'll probably do it this weekend or the next. Who's in?

  11. I might be up for it if the weather plays nice.
  12. Suicide grade tomorrow. Meet at Starbucks in The Dalles (across from Freddy's) at 10:00AM.
  13. Thursday January 22, meet at the Starbucks across from Freddy's at 10:00. I'm thinking Suicide and Hedges Grade. If Friday is better, let me know as I could easily change the times/destination. I'm completely flexible. I've got cabin fever and an orange bike that wants to get out.