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Dual Sport tubes?

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by airx, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Hey guys (girls)

    I was shopping for better innertubes for my KTM 500 exc. and there are lots of options and opinions. I don't know if thicker 4mm tubes are worth it or not. I am just afraid of getting stuck out and about with a flat. I am sorry if there is already a thread on this, but I was wanting some opinions, and education.

  2. how hard are you going to ride off road? get a tube that matches your planned riding

  3. I have the stock tubes on my 450EXC - now 9 years old. I've ridden a lot of nasty, rocky trails (like Tyee Ridge) with a lot of hard hits but I don't ride at race speed. It would suck to have a flat out there so maybe I should be more worried about it.
  4. One of the first things I change. Just back from 1700 miles in Baja with 11 other riders, all with HD tubes and aired up to 18+ psi to avoid pinch flats. Only 1 flat by one rider for the whole trip. HD or UHD on the front, something a bit lighter on the rear. Hit rocks at speed hard enough to bend the front rim, flats. Either way, if out and about far enough best you know how to fix or change a tube on the trail.
  5. I run fairly hard. Mostly forest service roads with occasional single track. Easily 60 miles a ride. I would hate to be 30 miles out with a flat.
  6. I run the HD tubes. U can air your tires down for trail riding with these. Recently bought a dr650 and went with HD tubes when mounting 50/50 tires to it. Peace of mind.
  7. Hey Flybob -- I mean Flybars -- your 1st post on PNWR!
    We need to go riding.
  8. get UHD bridgestone 4mm tubes if you never ever want to get a flat. i've been using them since 2005 in a multitude of bikes and still have yet to pinch or flat one. even went seattle to cabo and back on a set in my 950adv and didn't have any issues. nowadays i only use them in my dualsport as they are quite a bit heavier than stock or standard HD tubes. worth their weight in gold IMO
  9. Been riding single track mostly, but would like to ride over to Ardenvoir for a burger. The snow should be just about gone on the north side of the slopes. I want to put some miles on the Dr! Let me know when U want to hook up?