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Ducati riders?????

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by fj1200, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. How many Duc's do we have here in the area? Any old school bikes? I ride a 1985 Cagiva Ala 650.... Hard as hell to find parts for but fun to ride since there is none around..... I also own a 1975 860gts bevel that is in need of a wiring harness.....
    Anyway, just thought I would say hello.....
  2. Welcome to the board! Theres only a few of us on the board that are ducatisti, but im guessing that number will increase with socioeconomic increases as most of these yahoos get outa college. Im on a 748, nothing in the world like a duc eh? Hey have you considered just building a harness? Its not that tough to do as long as you have a good schematic. Post up some pix!


  3. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i had a ducati in college, then i graduate and got and job, sold the duc and got a kawi...

    be good to see others', here was mine:

  4. Ive got an 03 ST4S that I purchased new in jan 05. It is the first DUC that I have owned and I have no complaints thus far. It does everything I want it to and then some. I bought a K&N filter and hopefully FAST BY FERRACCI exhaust will be ordered next week. My last bike was a 89 gsxr 750, duc wins hands down!
  5. Sorry about the size, I have no where that I can host pictures...
  6. Love the bevel. Someday I want to restore a 750. I ride a 998. Had an 02 ST-2 before that.....What area are you from?

    Nice 900 SS Jafar.

  7. Shadle area in Spokane.....
  8. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    go to, sign up, and host there. works well.
  9. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    i heard that the st4s is so good that some riders post they're fastest laps on them... not sure what they're other bikes are, i'm assuming they're other liter sport bikes. just a rumor, i guess, but the duc is definately the best sport-tourer for sport riding--which, in my opinion, makes it the best. the only drawback is your going to spend more $$$ on it then, say, a yamaha or something.
  10. Jafar,
    I havent had the bike on the track and due to my inexperience i probably wouldnt post that fast of a time. I would def like to attend a track day for the experience though. with the bags off, the exhaust raised, and the fender elim kit you can hardly tell it is a ST. Regarding price other than the filter and exhaust I dont have plans on doing anything else other than poss cosmetic stuff which I can do myself.
  11. Kris

    Kris Italian Stallion

    i just got my 04 monster 800 i e a few couple weeks ago, and yeah, i'm in love.
  12. What is love, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more.
  13. Don't break the side window of the car......
  14. Beautiful bevel... Id kill to get my hands on an old 750ss greenframe. Always wanted to get into some of the earlier bikes, but the finances wont allow...

  15. wow! :shock: those are some cool pics...have anymore of that cagiva?
  16. Notice the milage.... It now has just 11,000. I had to go to a friend in Italy to get the left side piece for the faring that is missing. I have tried to deal with Beaudry, and that is like beating my head against the wall... NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!
  17. That is beautiful, I'm in awe...looks fuckin' sick! Way better than any passion for the old Bimotas...


    Is the footpegs integrated with the passenger pegs onto a huge rearset? Have any closeup pics of that?
  18. I don't have any more pics... :cry: The next meet you guys have, I will be there!!! Please save a spot for the bear on a bicycle! :naka:
  19. here's my Ducati - it's a multistrada - great all around bike and loves the twisties - won't do 150 but will run with all the sport bikes on any of the mountain roads all day long - leaving next weekend on it for Laguna -