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Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Beerbohm, May 10, 2005.

  1. Whats it cost to have your bike dynoed? Whats the point? Does it let you know what you need to do to your bike. Or is it just to show you how much hp you have?
  2. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    all i know is that it tells you the torque and hp. from what i've heard, not all dyno machines will give you the exact same readout, and stuff like the kinda tires you have on and so on will effect the results.

  3. I assume strapping a bike on a dyno is for the same purpose as a car... let it run to redline to get air/fuel mixture readings, fuel pressure, etc... All vital information you need to tune your engine for safest and highest performance.

    And there's always bragging rights.
  4. Cost = $30-$60 around here
    point = get a relative idea of your HP and A/F
    know = sometimes
    show = yep
  5. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    if you can tune it while in a dyno "session" you can figure out the best a/f mixture at different rpm ranges to create the most hp/torque.
  6. Dyno is a tuning tool. Some use it as a look how big my dick is slip. Results will vary from dyno to dyno and also due to temperature, barometric conditions and correction factor used.

    Most common use is to take a baseline before modifications begin. Then after to see actual improvements. Also included is the fact that you can tune your Air Fuel ratio for best performance either by means of jetting on carbs or mapping on fuel injection.

    30-60 bucks won't get you anything but a a base run and a slip most places. Also bikes run hot on a dyno due to lack of air flow through the radiator, fans are not the same as wind speed. The only reason I would do pulls on a bike would be for tuning.
  7. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Your looking about $160-180

    Look at the powercommander thread to answer any of your questions.
  8. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    $50 here locally.

    You will be suprised with the results. I hear a lot of guys claiming high hp on the bike, but you wont see a posted dyno chart. :scratchea

    I also laugh at the speedo claims. Your bikes are off (more so at higher speeds). Put a gps to the bike and you might like the result. :nana

    My speed pickup is at my rear wheel. I guess other makes are done otherwise with may be compromised by gearing changes. I was riding with a friend (he's got a Duc 996) and he was indicating 170 while I showed 160 (I have a digital readout and a Vmax indicator that records my highest speed). After he heard what my bike was reading, he didn't like the number so he said he'll stick with telling everyone he went 170. To each his own. :mrgreen:
  9. Your bike is an F/I bike I would guess BeerBohm, on a street bike the most usefull info a dyno run will give you is A/F ratio.
    It is abusive if it's just for power testing though - nothing will make you sweat like watching a dyno operator wring your scoot out to redline with no road noise.
    If you'r fitting new carbs (or jetting), changing to a radically different exhaust, or making other changes along those lines it can be a big help though, so use it as a tuning method if need be.
    Dyno time is about $60.00/hour in my niehborhood, more if you want to make changes during the run.
    If 'ya do it post up though - I'm always up to see the results of abuse :scared
  10. Down here (wouldn't recommend the trip) it's about $25 for a base run just to see hp/tq numbers. From there it just depends on how good the tech is running the machine and how familiar they are with your motorcycle. The guys down here couldn't give me a quote because it depends on how long it takes them to "tune" for optimal performance. Like Jabstar said though, I don't think it should cost more than $175. Because if they can't fix your power curve in 3.5 hours at $50/$60 per hour...THEY'RE RETARDED!!!

    In my opinion though, dyno your bike for better performance...NOT for hp numbers. Only reason I say this is because there are soooooo many factors that go into what hp numbers the dyno will kick out. There's a reason why dynojet research is located below sea level in California....They'll ALWAY show high hp numbers. Your bike may gain 15hp between a dyno in Spokane....and one in Seattle (well, maybe not, but you get the idea)...elevation, humidity, forced air, air temp, tires, etc. These all effect the hp numbers the dyno will show. So again, do it for smoother performance and don't worry about the number it kicks out.
  11. I only put mine on the dyno for tuning purposes and then there were a couple of times that they had a contest and I just could'nt resist. :scared