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Eastern Oregon

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Guy M, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Back from eight days on the bike, mostly in Eastern Oregon. Great trip except for the unseasonably cool, wet weather. Snow. Yes, snow. Lots of rain. Some hail. Wind. Weather was pretty wild, but the trip was GREAT. Did a lot of poking around the backcountry.





  2. You are a brave, adventurous soul.

  3. looks fun for sure.

    but where's this photo?
    guess that would be the ancient lake shore level about 1/3 up the near slope

  4. Looks like a nice ride Guy... How have you been?
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  6. Viclava

    Viclava (Washington) County

    Awesome pics Guy. I have been wanting to here all about the solo adventure. We need to plan a three day trip or something toward the end of July. Are you available between July20-31?

  7. Yeah....where is that? Great pic. Mind sharing your route Guy M?
  8. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Yogi - been doing pretty good. Older, heavier, slower... Sigh...

    Viclava - just might have some time in there. Have a trip with my wife planned though for just after that time frame. Would like another, much warmer, motorcycle trip this year.

    All - I sorta wandered... Was in no great hurry. Found myself in Baker City. Headed down into the Hells Canyon area via Halfway. Very nice ride, despite cool temps and LOTS of rain.

    Went through some mountains heading west again. Saw a mess of elk. They were wet and cold too because it was RAINING some more. Not a little light mist, serious Oregon/Northwest RAIN. Ugh. Through John Day, great breakfast there at some place or another. Then headed south.

    There's a whole lot of flooded flat lands south of John Day! All sorts of birds... Which roads? I dunno. They were small, more or less dry, and heading south.

    Ended up in someplace called Frenchglen. That was a pretty neat spot for a bit. I think the population is about 12 people.

    Found a gravel road heading SW towards Hart Mountain, took it. Went a long way with just some brush and the pronghorns for company.

    The big escarpment is coming down off Hart Mountain towards another bustling metropolis named Plush.... Might be a few more people there than in French Glen and they serve up a great burger at the general store.

    Sort of drifted south from there and ended up in Alturas California, where it was raining at least as hard as in Oregon.

    I did a lot of zig-zagging back and forth on small roads. Didn't take note of a lot of 'em, just aimed for the small roads on my map and followed them. Sure is nice that the Strom will go 250 miles on a tank...

    Regards, Guy
  9. I like the way you got the Pronghorn to pose for you. :)
  10. That sounds like a fun Summer trip! I like the picture looking down the valley onto the flatlands, it looks peaceful.