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Easy Rider

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. ...I was wonderin'...just how the hell did Capt. America and Billy travel all of those long-ass distances to where ever on their peanut tanks? ...I know that gas was cheaper (relatively speaking, of course), but did yesteryear's octane take yesteryear's choppers farther, too? ...classic, I dig those bikes

  2. They carried flasks, silly.. if it was not needed for fuel it got used up around the campfire! :)
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  3. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Additionally Beans, we all know that the tank compartment for Cpt. America was being used to smuggle drugs... which means even less space for "fuel".... Hrmmm??? :lol:

  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Its Hollywierd! Smoke and mirrors! Smoke and mirrors!
  5. haha 90% of these people are gonna be :scratchea
    hell im 38 and never saw ez rider.
  6. Dude, it's so obvious, Cpt. America definitely had super-powers. Didn't even need fuel. :mrgreen:
  7. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

    They used a pick-up alot..
    Could you imagine riding something like that more than 4mi anyway??
    I've seen that movie like 4 times.

    Geeze..:shock: Talk about draggin up old threads.. MM whassup?
  8. I dont know but they are god damn long hairs, the power is in the hair. The movie rocks!
  9. A bit off topic but a funny story at best.

    About 13 years ago my buddy lived in Centrailia and was always kind of a rebel skater punk rocker typle nice guy. Me and some other friends left to a party, he decided to stay home and do mushrooms and watch Easyrider, so he is watching it and we come home Im guessing he is peaking and the movie is almost over when they get shot in the end. He jumps up and freaks the f*$k out and is on a rampage, still shrooming and is like what the hell, WTF, those damn rednecks I cant believe it -- turns the tv over in disgust. Now we are all drunk and are like dude chill out its just a movie, hes like no its not its life and this is bull. Time goes by and all he is doing is pacing, grunting, pissed at the world kinda of stuff. The next day he comes down off the shrooms and is like wow that movie is intense I think he watches it again and from that day on his life changed he is now a biker and mechanic at Harley.

    The movie in a sense along with the shrooms was life changing I guess you could say. Its more of one of those stories that you have to be there but I figured I would share with you fellow riders.
  10. ^^^ Wow, Easy Rider + Shooms = ONE BAD MOTHERF**KIN TRIP . . . What to you expect with all those crazy cuts and transitions?! Jeez, I'm hip to all sorts wack jive, but Easy Rider is a wild mind journey in and of itself - buy your ticket with caution man. Beyond that, how do they smoke so much and still ride?
  11. They ride free man! Free of the man and free on weed!
  12. Must be Ur "wild mind" :thefinge: but the "still ride?" part...lots of trail :lol:
  13. GixxerPete

    GixxerPete Forum Synopsizer

    Mid-flight refueling.
  14. Easy Riders teaches us all a very important lesson - Hicks must not be tolerated.
  15. I don't know, but I'll bet they sourced the tanks from the same folks that make those movie machine guns that never run out of ammo!
  16. No Sh*t! When I first watched the movie I was all like "Oh, he's turning the truck around. Maybe he felt bad about killing that biker . . . hmmm . . . nope, just wanted finish off the other guy".

    But hey, at least they got to bang some hippies on acid before that got wacked.:roll:
  17. Motorcycle man

    Motorcycle man Telemark Rider

    The get off your ass and go get it and watch it tonight.