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Discussion in 'Ellensburg' started by beansbaxter, May 6, 2005.

  1. Anyone know any riders going to CWU? Next time I pass through Seattle, I'm bringing a mind blowing stackola of flyers and gonna pass them out on all the bikes I can find out there.

    Everytime I rode threw there last summer, they seemed to have some sort of club of motorcycle riders. Always 30 bikes or so parked together in a parking lot doing their thang...

    Gotta get the word out there...
  2. My sister lives and goes to school in Ellensburg. Works at a coffee shop in Cle Elum. She sees riders all the time. I am sure they'd let you post the flyer at the shop as at least a couple of the girls working there ride. They might even take a stack and hand them out. Next time you drive through the area stop in at Pioneer Coffee. My sister's name is JoAnna. Mine's Mike.

  3. Thanks Mike, I appreciate that. Let her know next time you talk to her I'll come by. Gives me an excuse to ride out there this week actually hehe.
  4. I rode up there last weekend before last (14th and 15th) and there were a couple of bikes around town. And I drove up this weekend and it looked like there were a bunch of bikes parked at the gas stations just off of the interstate. I know a couple students there have bikes, my buddy who goes to school at CWU knows a couple of them, I may be able to find out where they hang out, I've been meaning to talk with them anyway.
  5. No problem. Just one thing, do you ever stop riding? damn
  6. haha just love to ride! My goal is to put 18k on the ole 12 this year, should be pushing dang near 50k at the end of this season.

    wow, think about that...50,000 miles after just 3 riding seasons, and to think it showed less than 0 when I pulled her off the showroom floor.
  7. From the lack of posts in this section, I must be the only CWU grad on here
  8. I ran into a guy the other day on my way thru there... he's a student. Just picked up a new GSXR 600 this weekend, yellow... I think his name was Jon... I know that's going to get me in trouble when he actually does post up and sees this... but yeah. We sat and talked for a bit. Look for him, and go ride, he's hating the 20 mph town you guys have out there.
  9. That 20 mph is no joke. My sister used to live across the street from campus. Had to do that stretch every time I went over to visit her. The black and whites are all over it too.
  10. Here in Spokane, they are blue and white. :pale:
  11. I got pulled over a couple times on that streach of rode when I was there
  12. I'm currently a student at CWU and I just came home for the summer Thursday after finals. In August I'll have my bike over there but for now I'm in Tacoma just looking for people to ride with. I'm thinking about riding over there pretty soon so I can visit some friends and put some more miles on my bike. By the way I just joined this site today so that I could find some other riders.
  13. Let's get the CWU crowd onboard here...pass the word out!
  14. My sister is a student over there and lives there year round. She likes to ride with me so I go over there a few times during the summer to hang out and ride. Maybe we could hook up a time or two. I am sure she'd love to me you and any other riders over there. She owns a helmet and a full Kevlar suit and doesn't even own a bike.
  15. I am from Yakima but I work in Ellensburg for Kittitas County and ride to work a few days a week.
  16. I am currently living in eburg and ride. I recently had to break out my old bike a 93 kat 600 due to a little wheelie accident on my 03 ninja. i ride with a buddie of my from tacoma whos on a stunt team, but always lookin for people to ride with. my email is, give me a shout id love to meet new riders. thanks, mike.
  17. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Welcome to the forum dude. You ride bulls too?
  18. yeah snake you ride any circuits here, prca, pro-west npra?
  19. Welcome!
    Bull riding? :scared
    Something crazier than bike riding. :clap
  20. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    Oh, sorry I mixed you up. I meant you ride bulls in addition to motorcycles.

    I don't ride on any animal. Last time I rode my parents horse my ass hurt too much.