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exhaust help?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Faiths Guardian 06 r1, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. i am looking to get a new exhaust and sell my old 2 brothers aluminum exhaust im looking for something thats carbon fiber or black i dont know what sounds good on a r1 and i hate the fact that you cant hear the sound of the exhaust before you buy it so looking for people with experience and advice with my choice i like the toce brothers exhaust i like the two brothers but want carbon fiber if i go back to it leo vince sbk sounds good i think or termimogi not sure on spellin any suggestions or tips are welcome i just wanna get a good sounding/looking exhaust
  2. youtube the exhausts, you will get a feel for what they will sound like.
    You won't hear the depth of the sound or how it is when under load, but you will get the "deep" or "high pitch" by listening on youtube.
    When you get your exhaust lets chill, I'm gonna find out how to cut my Cat out of my bike to make it louder :D

  3. I think im going with toce brothers looks and sounds amazing and for sure bro im down
  4. You can listen to the leo vinces on there site I believe and they sound mean also the Akrapovics have a nice sound
  5. Have you heard the toce brothers they sound good and arent very common so I think I may go with them just cuz I disnt like leo vince so much but akro sounds good but I think toce just has that sound in looking for
  6. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    you aren't going to see much of a performance gain from that....
  7. Lol hell no on the rotating mini gun ha and moto on the performance think I ride an r1 it has more performance then ill ever use on it lol but what would you recommend?
  8. Leo vancie (sp) are great and i seen afew 2brothers and they sound good.
  9. I like the two brothers black edition have to look at leo vince sp
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