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Favorite hobby or passion besides motorcycles?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by beansbaxter, May 26, 2005.

  1. My friend Doug Meyer over at Muzzys stepped down from his spot with the company. For those who dont know, Muzzys is located in Bend, OR and have been around for a long time, usually famous for their line of exhausts. They seem to be strong on the Kawi side of the market.

    Well, Doug stepped down after all the years there to pursue the one passion he enjoys more than motorcycles (gasp!) which was airplanes.

    As for me, basketball is about the only thing I enjoy and love more than motorcycles.

    What about everyone else, is there anything you prefer over motorcycles? What do you do during the winter off-riding season?
  2. I enjoy getting my home theater just right and hearing things blow up or fly by. I'm about to go out and buy new speakers right now.

    I also enjoy my Vette. I'm thinking of adding some more go fast mods to it. Lastly, I hope to have an M5 one of these days.

  3. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Motorcycling is my favorite hobby, definitely not anything I like more than being on two wheels. Probably the only thing I enjoy as much as motorcycling is tailgating at the Husky games with a nice cold Oktoberfest brew in one hand and a brat in the other, but that only happens 5 or 6 Saturdays a year. Usually go up snowboarding a little during the winter, just to get the feeling of wind in my face and tide me over until the weather warms back up and I can fire up the CBR again. Also try to do some writing on the side of my editing job, but I haven't finished the next great American novel yet. Haven't started it yet, actually. Stay tuned.
  4. Call me a girl if you must, but I love going to the theatre. Any production will do. My favorites are the ones in CA, but I must say, NIC has a great Summer theatre troupe too!

    Otherwise, well I like getting lost on backroads (in cars or on bikes) and reading. You can almost always find me curled up in a corner with my nose in a book. Motorcycling is good for me! Gets me out of the house! :laughing:
  5. Same here. What do you have for your setup? I run a 103" widescreen from a sony projector with polk/harman sound.
  6. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    art. anything that has to do with art. lots of focus on design stuff.
  7. Photography, motorcycles, and travelling.
  8. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    aside from motorcycles, I like tropical fish. I've had tanks of all sizes and fish of all types. they're fun
  9. I would say that i love wakeboarding more than bike riding. Even though i can ride for more than half the year, and wakeboard for only a short still flippin awesome.
  10. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Music baby! I love guitar and piano...trying to learn violin, but that will take a few years. With home recording equipment getting cheaper, music is my favorite way to unwind.
  11. MAX:
    Jeet Kune Do (my real world self defense martial art)
    Aerobic kickboxing
    Medieval re-enactment (I'm usually the black knight) and arms collecting
    Tricking out and driving my cobra
    Music and concerts: Rock, Blues, Celtic
    French Intensive gardening (no, you don't use your tongue )~
    Drinking pool and shooting beer
    Caring for, training and playing with our Rottweilers
    Sailing (Feeling the need to buy a sailboat, I once had a classic English mahoghany sailboat)
    Study of history: Warfare, cultures and such
    Reading and on line research
    Movies: Comedies and action
    Shooting, training in the use of rifle, pistol and shotgun for defense
    Making medieval weapons and gear for re-enactment. I carve exotic woods for sword, battleaxe, war hammer and dagger handles, and I make Scottish and Viking shields (my heritage)
    Archery.. I have an English longbow.

    Her classical and electric guitars, she's quite talented and is taking advanced lessons. She's planning to eventually join several bands for small gigs, different genres.
    Aerobic kickboxing
    Medieval re-enactment (She goes as a queen, which she is)
    Music and concerts: Rock, Blues, Celtic
    French Intensive gardening
    Drinking pool and shooting beer
    Caring for, training and playing with our Rottweilers
    Reading and on line research
    Movies: Comedies and action
    Shooting, training in the use of rifle, pistol for defense (She has her own AR15s and revolvers)
    UFOs and unexplained phenomena
    Collecting miniatures
    Watching DVDs on our home theatre
  12. Motorcycles #1
    As KC said, tailgaiting
    Autos - MGB project currently
    Golfing with the woman
    Videogames with friends or the woman

    oh yeah,
  13. Smelly, dirty, tired, driving constantly, eating granola and jerky SKI BUM. Used to ski professionally as a patroller, now I abuse the pass system at Red mtn. Mt biker, hike, camp, outdoor hippie poo, kayaking, whitewater stuff, and turnin wrenches.

  14. I have 2 really. I have a 42" widescreen Panasonic plasma in the family room with an older Sony receiver and Bose speakers.

    In MY room, I have a 55" Mitsu widescreen TV with Pioneer Elite receiver, Pioneer dvd player and Definitive Technology speakers. It ROCKS!

    Before we moved here, I had plans for a projection theater with 100" screen in our basement. I will do that when I get another house with a basement.
  15. Wow, 100 inches!?

    We have a Panasonic LCD 42 inch screen home theatre and even that size is like a real theatre.. the sound is overwhelming if you turn it up..I can't imagine having a 100 inch screen! :shock:
  16. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    I have the biggest screen of them all!!! For me it is the great outdoors!! The world is my television. So leading in with that, Traveling is one my favorite hobbies. Whether it be by motorcycle, or by other sorts, I enjoy it all. Photography is another big one. I am actually going on a little trip through the cascade loop here in a couple of weeks. Stopping when ever, where ever; to take pictures. Its fun I highly recomend it.
  17. I have always loved motorcycling and am just now getting back into so it is kind of number two right now. Now number one is and always will be hanging out with my two boys Mason (5 years old) and Troy (3 next week). We like movies, baseball, hockey, working out (they like me to bench them), and just normal goofing off around the house. Try to get out to the park now and again as well but with full time school it is hard. I also really enjoy flying as well but can't afford it and am no longer stationed on a Naval Airstation with a flying club but will get back after college this time as a pilot and not a mech. I have only logged about 10-15 hours in a little cessna but it is truly fun. I also enjoy hockey, art (just like looking can't create a damn thing) and camping/hiking and the like. Really I am up for just about anything.
  18. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

  19. I will own you at chess boyeeeee!! :werd
  20. Only thing that competes with my riding time is computers. I enjoy learning new things and playing around with pretty much everything. A bit of hardware fabrication and painting, scripting languages, tiny bit of web dev, pretty much everything!