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Favorite Rides

Discussion in 'Central' started by rikkuss, May 27, 2005.

  1. Howdy,
    Got me an 05 ZX-6R on may 15. Now i need some places to go ride. Any ideas?
  2. welcome: rikkus!

    Let's see a pic of that new 6R, glad to see you got a Kawi.

  3. Get a map, find the 3 ways to get from wallawalla to waitsburg, then smile and ride like hell!

  4. Clodfelter road, north end of Kennewick. Under construction right now, but should be back to good riding soon.
  5. Yeah, clodfelter to webber canyon is a good after-work ride but I think the ride to Goldendale is one of the best for the area. And if ANYONE says go to Walla Walla, from Tri-Cities....makes me cry. :cry:
  6. Dude you should totally go to Walla Walla, that ride is wicked sick. The ride to Goldendale through Bickleton is a great ride, we should hit that up. Johnny-B you are ALWAYS wanting to go to Walla Walla???
  7. God I HATE you :rant :rant :rant
  8. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Shoulda gone to Montana with us last weekend.....Lolo was sweet!
  9. If you go to the BP station in benton city then head south under the freeway towards kiona I think. That takes you behind badger mt. I love riding back there, there is usually no traffic. There are a lot of roads, I had a friend show me a way to Kennewick and I go when ever I get the chance. In fact is anyone interested in going out there some time in the near future?
  10. Definately cool, but do understand that it's only good for ONE pass if you're gonna play because there are numerous cops that live around West Richland/Benton City/Badger canyon. Because it's away from the city, they seem to cluster there.

    Also, after you go under the bridge and over the tracks....if you stay to the right where the turn off is to go behind badger mt., that's the road leading up through webber canyon. It's not as tight as it used to be...but what is anymore crackup: . It's still the only real twisties remotely close to Richland. Just make sure you turn LEFT when the road comes to a "T". That will take you down Claudfelter and directly back to town. Entire Ride = 30 minutes....or 45 if you're MCmike or J.Ray :thefinge:
  11. 30 minutes if you dont have to stop and wait for Johnny-Bia to put on his makeup... then its like 45 plus another 10 letting him catch back up... so just figure an hour ride if JB goes... :thefinge:
  12. Funny you say there are a lot of cops out there. I have never seen a cop when riding out there. I almost thought you were talkig about another route but that is the exact route that I take. Odd :scratchea either way it's an awesome ride.
  13. I too have only ever seen one or two cops on the road since I started riding there years ago. But what I meant to say was that a lot of cops LIVE out there. Which means they're more likely to call an on-duty friend to come out there. I know of 3 personally that live out there and have seen police cruisers parked at particular houses numerous times. So just be smart when riding out through West Richland/Badger Canyon.
  14. Oh ok, I understand. I agree, there are a lot of cops out in that area. That would suck to have one of their on duty buddies come out and catch you going 100+ out there. Not that I've done that :roll: . But I don't do that until I'm out by the farms where there are no houses around for miles.
  15. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    Check out the road to/through Heppner, OR. You won't be disappointed.
  16. went up webber canyon the other day. was about 730 am. Some big farm trucks got in the way. Stil a nice ride till i found out clodfeter was closed the hard way. Some good spots to go 100+ out there. Got covered in bugs though.

    ne1 been on nine mile canyon road?
  17. I went Clodfelter, Left on S Plymouth Rd, Left on 14 under the overpass and down McNary Road (short and twisty and fun for a noob) and back the other day for a quick after work ride. Clodfelter was fine but part of the road was tore up and covered with dirt but it was well packed and easily passable.

    I just looked at the Heppner Hiway on, it looks like a blast. I might have to take a run down there this weekend.
  18. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    It is probably the closest road with the most turns. You will be impressed.
  19. Just got back from a run thru Heppner :evil4:. It was my first longer hiway trip about 200mi round trip from Kennewick. I-82, I-84, Exit 182 to OR-207, Heppner Hiway 74 (the fun road) then Left on to Butter Creek Road back to OR-207, (stop for A&W rootbeer) I-84, I-82 back home. The Heppner Hiway was a total blast. It's in really nice shape with only a few potholes marked in paint. One 25mi turn was lightly covered with some gravel but it was easy to see. Butter Creek road is not quite as in good as shape. It's more of an adventure with random cattle guards that can supprise you if it doesn't have a sign. Had to watchout for the random roadkill and these tiny suicidal birds that like to sit in the road. Could suck having one of them decide to grease your front wheel for you when your in a tight turn. A couple of places where the road surface needs work were spay painted and one spot just before a bind turn some one painted "Caution" on the road.

    In all a very good ride even if I took it easy being a solo noob 100 miles from home on a fairly new bike. I'm temped to check out the roads around Goldendale next.
  20. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    I did Goldendale yesterday. Not as much fun. I like tighter turns (those marked 15 to 35 mph).