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Ferry wait time for bikes?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Red Raevyn, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Hopin someone may still be up...

    I know bikes are first on first off - does that mean you don't wait at all on a bike, like I can just show up 10 minutes before the ferry leaves? Or should I still go 20+ minutes ahead of time? I'm planning on taking the Edmonds ferry over to Kingston at 7:10... shouldn't be much traffic headin west across the water, right?

  2. Bikes can ride right on 5 minutes before, as long as they havent left.

    Be there 10 minutes though to be safe.

  3. you should be able to make it if you are 10 minutes before the boats leaves, although 15 would be better, that is usually when they are loading.
  4. get there at least 10min early just because at the edmonds/kingston ferry you have to bypass traffic but then run inside to purchase your ticket to cross. So to park and then run inside takes some time. Do yourself a favor and park next to the empty kiosk just past the railroad tracks, run inside to get ticket, then go out and park your bike in the holding area. Otherwise you have to walk way too far...
  5. +1
    I commute across the West Seattle ferry almost every day. Go across the Edmonds one a couple times a month. Blackstar is right on.
  6. Thanks a lot guys =]

    I'll see you in a few days, hopefully with lots of sweet pics! 8)
  7. I was basing my experience off the Bainbridge Island ferry.
  8. If you're going to ride the ferry often, I highly recommend buying a book of tickets... then you don't have to go in to the ticket counter at all... just pull up 5-10 min. before they load, whip out a ticket, and you're off (Or on rather).
  9. Yeah I go through a book of MC tix and a book of auto tix every month. Much cheaper too! Work pays for all of mine though. Nice for those weekend trips around the peninsula.
  10. When traveling to Kingston, I recommend getting to the Edmonds ferry before loading starts so you can get in front of the cars. If you show up after the boat has been loaded, you get put at the back of the boat behind all the cars. It is slow going out of Kingston behind 300 cars. For the same reason, gas up in Edmonds so you don't lose your "pole position" stopping for gas in Kingston.
  11. Good point about the gas. I made that mistake once and only once.
  12. I get very confused with all the different ferry docks. I have been told that motortcycles go to the head of the line. As someone already pointed out, this is very easy to do in Edmonds, just park by the old kiosk on the dock and walk across the driveway to the new ticket building to purchase a ticket.

    It is not so apparent at other ferry docks, such as the Kingston or Port Townsend docks. After you purchase your ticket, you are put in a special motorcycle holding area, but do you still have to stand in line with the cars to purchase your ticket?
  13. At kingston and port townsend you have to what in line with the cars to get you ticket. then you are sent to the front to get on the boat.
  14. Hey, it has never happened to me when I've taken the ferries to Bainbridge or Bremerton, but has anyone had their motorcycle get tipped over while it sat their on the ferry? I'm always scared with all the swaying in the waters during travel, that a bike could get tipped over sitting up there on the kickstand.
  15. I've never had a problem, but I usually have it on the center stand
  16. I've been on hundreds of ferry trips with all types of weather conditions. I have never had an issue, nor have I heard of people having issues. Once when I was going from Whidbey to Port Townsend there was 4'+ waves. They had us park our bikes in the middle of the ferry so they weren't really effected at all. Although up in the passenger area we couldn't hardly walk it was so bad.
  17. if you read my previous post you will see how to avoid this problem of waiting in line