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Few photos from OPRT track day 9/26

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Willow, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Great day riding with friends and new friends!

    Here's a few photos, and others can add if you like. I'll be working on the video this weekend.

    The Kitsap group from Lt. to Rt. Carr, Buz, Firedad, Willow Candiya, Redliter and Gixenjett (but no Lepy or Solo89, missed you guys)

    Prepping the bikes in AM

    Firedad getting ready, but wanted to show me something :nana

    Carr getting ready too with Gixenjett

    Sicc and 02XXCA

    Mark getting help from RC51, Buz and 02XXCA putting oil in CBR :mrgreen:

    My Birthday cake with my Birthday shirt. Thanks Candiya and Buz :mfclap:

    Candiya getting ready for the track (Mike would have been super proud of ya :thumbup:)

    Canidya ripping it up on the track :mfclap:

    Getting ready to head out

    Chilling in between sessions

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  2. What a great day at the track with great friends :mrgreen:

  3. Excellent day. I've got some video following Buz, Willow and Redliter for a few laps that ill post up this weekend
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  5. That was a great 2 days, especially with the weather
  6. It was nice meeting all you guys (and gal). That shot of buz is pretty neat.
  7. sorry i couldnt make it, work prevailed yet again....looks like yall had alot of fun! Next time for me.
  8. What a fantastic day! Was great to spend it with you guys. :mrgreen:

    Brad, nice shots, and Chris, you've got mad skills with that behemoth of a camera.

    I only got a couple photos from the day...


  9. wr250x

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  10. Great photos! Thanks for posting!
  12. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Holy crap, I was on track with Buz and didnt even know it. I feel honored. Sorry I missed you buddy.
  13. Chris,
    Nice to meet and ride with you. Good times. Those are some great pictures you can take. Thanks!
    We'll have to hook up this fall/winter for some rides.
  14. A quick video of the last session. I have come to the conclusion my video/editing skills need some vast improvement.
    Great to be able to stop by and say hi. The aura coming from this group was truly intoxicating. Nothing but ear to ear grins and heart felt friendship abound.:mfclap:
    Thank you :mrgreen:

  15. Hey Derick,
    Thanks for sharing the video, and glad you came by to say hi, then ride the last lap with us. Good times. I will say..... that last lap with the shadows on the track going in and out of the sun was a trip :mrgreen:
  17. Thanks for the video Derick, makes me want to go do it all over again. :mrgreen:
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  18. Well a good reason to ride together next day at the track..8)
  19. Luckyadam12

    Luckyadam12 Honda Rider

    I need to get my bike going so I can get back out to the track!!! Great shots!!! I may try to just go hang out for one, if the bike isn't ready.
  20. Nice video, I make a short appearance right after 13:30 or so on the old 250. Hope I wasn't holding up traffic too bad.
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