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Featured Finally bought my Buell

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Jaws, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. I had been searching for the right Buell for a few years. I went to whidbey Island to pick it up. It's a 2007 Xb12scg, it has some really good mods and came with the stock parts.

    Highlights.. Shorty levers, Hawk exhaust, K&N, tune, custom gel seat.
    Also came with an extra translucent tall windscreen, stand, tuning cable, HIDs, extra seat and some other stuff.

    It's interesting because the day I brought it home, I ran into the only other XB12 I've seen in town.

    DSC_0561.jpg DSC_0563.jpg DSC_0569.jpg

  2. What is your plan to secure parts?
  3. I've been chatting with a guy in my building who rides a Buell. He frequently regaled me with long, sad stories of trying to find affordable parts. Even just finding parts.
  4. Not quite sure what you mean, do you mean how am I going to source parts if it breaks? Or do you mean how am I literally going to secure them to the bike so they don't rattle themselves off? Lol!

    Thanks guys. I knew the dangers of not being able to source some parts, but I took the gamble. I am going to hang onto this bike for as long as I possibly can.
  5. Hi Jaws - Welcome to the world of Buell. I live on B.I. and own two TT's, generally the funnest bikes I've ever owned. Parts shouldn't be an issue, at least for a long time.

    HD has rethought the parts issue a bit. They've said that as long as their suppliers/manufacturers keep pricing semi reasonable they'll continue to support the product, (Buell).

    Saint Paul HD, is stocking and selling Buell parts. They have a pretty good inventory and know where to locate discontinued items.

    Lunatic Fringe on Buell XB owns a bike shop, deals in reproduction parts for Japanese bikes, works on Buell's, is a wealth of knowledge and knows where all the parts are hidden.

    Maybe we'll bump into each other some tine.
  6. A buddy of mine on my boat owns one of those and loves it to death. Parts aren't too bad, he has to take it to Harley toget it worked on and while it ain't cheap, it's no MV Augusta.
  7. I tested a few of those back in 08 when I lived in Bremerton and have started to regret not getting one. Congrats on finding such a cherry deal.