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Finally found everyone.

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by 2kcbrf4, May 7, 2005.

  1. I picked up my first street bike a couple weeks ago (been riding in the dirt since I was 6), a 2000 cbr600. It is stock yellow and black. I have been looking for awhile for a forum with members from my area and finally found this place. I have a buddy that lives on clear lake with a 2003 600rr. When this rain clears up we will have to meet up.

  2. Welcome to the board, Dan! Glad to have here. Lots of rides coming up so post up any you want to start or show up anything that you can make it to!

  3. Mundee (monday), soggy butt fun run, sounds like we are gettin together for a spin....

  4. HMMMMM, another Don and Mike fan maybe?
  5. Used to listen all the time-- they arent as funny since the FCC regs came down though, stopped my fave rodney carrington from singing on their show. Always had them on when I was driving tractor and truck for my uncle, but now its all about air america on 1280 am.

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    I always knew you were a backwater hick who was marrying his sister......
  7. :sign5: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  8. I hate you --> Chelsea

    I hate you --> Johnny-B

    I miss it though, really relaxing work sunup to sundown, driving around in circles all day instead of putting up with people's BS. Very concrete, very real work.

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    You don't have to like just have to respect the humiliation that I like to inflict..... 8)