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Finally Made a User Account!

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Chilli, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Freaking weather sucks so doing more web surfing than seat surfing, so thought I might as well get an account here. Tried to sign up last year and my spam filter kept it from happening so I've been a lurker instead.

    Mostly ride dual sport and adventure bikes etc. But having enough fun on my R1150gs thought I might hook up with some of these rides some time.

    We'll see how long it takes me to open my big mouth and get myself in trouble. In the mean time, happy riding everyone.

    -= Scott
  2. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator

    It depends on just how adventurous you feel. :mrgreen:

    Meanwhile, welcome to the active participation in the madness, and by all means feel free to feed the trolls.

  3. Welcome to the forums, and don't be scared to get your self in trouble. Ask Juilin on here, it could lead to a new title for ya:). Stay safe.
  4. Welcome. If you have been lurking here long you know nothing happened if there aren't any pics so right now it sorta looks like you don't have a bike.
  5. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

  6. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Welcome to the nuthouse!
  7. You can find out about a lot of "stuff" here. Some of it, you might even be interested in!
  8. Welcome to the forum.
    If you have any questions about how something works, PM this guy right here. He's pretty much the most knowledgeable guy in the PNW family. He's also an expert on all things BMW so you'll dig him.
  9. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

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