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Fire Roads today

Discussion in 'Trail Reports' started by Inspector, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. i figger out your KAWI problemmmm...."08 KLR650"
  2. is one of them me????

    and as a bonus, i present you with this...


  3. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Are noobs aloud in this group? I need to pop my fire road cherry. :) putt putt putt.
  4. With me they are Ook. The only gravel roads I've been on were with my Harley. Now the DRZ just needs a final tune and rear Distanzia. I've gotten its cams and gaskets done, along with airbox mod and flatslide... I'm ready to go!
  5. DRS

    DRS Banned Camp


  6. Inspector

    Inspector NightRider

    I always feel left out when you guys call them tard or sumo rides.

    *supposed to be camping over in Moses this weekend...anybody have a good dirt route? Otherwise I'll curl up in the fetal position in the minivan while the wife drives.

    **if you fuckers actually get together while i'm gone and i miss an opportunity to learn something....I'm gonna cry
  7. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    not again...
  8. GixxerPete

    GixxerPete Forum Synopsizer

    The sad part is when I got my 08, brand new 07s were still available, and heavily discounted at that. I could have bought an 07, farkled it up nicely and still been under what I paid pre-farkle for my 08. And none of the recall BS would be happening, and I'd prolly be a lot happier with the bike in general.

    The 08 was a good concept with very poor execution. They should have raised the price a little more and done it right, instead of half-assed "upgrade" that took a huge step backwards in reliability. :angry7:
  9. GixxerPete

    GixxerPete Forum Synopsizer

    There's enough difference between the two where rides will tend to differ as well. A sumo is most at home on pavement or hardpack/fire roads etc. A DS is most at home on fire roads, double track and mild single track.
    So tard guys will wanna rail some twisties and hit some fire roads, but not much further offroad. DS guys will not want to ride street so much, rail the fire roads, and venture further offroad from there. The compromise ride would be mostly fire roads with not much else either way.

    Moses is way too far for a DS ride IMO... load it up in the minivan then rip around Moses when you get there. :mrgreen:
  10. +1