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First bike

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Sugarkitten, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. I'm always interested to learn when/ how people started riding and what their first bike was. I started on a 1976 CB 750 FourK. My dad's last bike and my first. From there I moved on to a GPz 1100. Strange to think that 100hp used to be a big deal.
  2. My very first was a 1959 Vespa (very collectable now). Than a bunch of Hondas. I finally found happiness with a new 1974 Ducati 750 Desmo and a 1978 BMW R100S. I'm still stuck on BMW and Ducati. Time will tell how the KTM does but so far it's been fun.

    Look forward to meeting you.

  3. my uncle gave me this cancer when i was 4 y/o with an old rusty 50cc Indian mm5. 21 going on 22 years later im still loving every moment of it :)
  4. I started with the ubiquitous Honda 50cc minibike. My first street bike was an '82 Honda CB750F.
  5. Wow, I never even thought to include our Trail 50. Does it count as a motorcycle?
  6. It's got two wheels and an engine, so yes.
  7. I started almost two years ago, a little late in the game but I'm loving it. A former member on here took me to a parking lot after getting me interested and taught me a few slow speed basics on his HD Sportster 1200, and I was hooked. Took the MSF BRC, endorsed then bought a 2005 Buell Blast... Fun, but man it made a mechanic out of me. I chose to start riding because I needed a new 'hobby', my life was going downhill and I had to change how I defined myself. Since picking up the sport, it has changed no only my life, but my family's as well. Its all for the better!
  8. Kawasaki kz400, which I properly destroyed over a couple of years :mrgreen:
  9. 1973 Honda cb350. Tank on wheels!
  10. My bike 1970 Yamaha DT250 Enduro 8)
  11. started with a 70s Honda CT70 -
    The BIG Boy mini Bike!!

    Gotta learn somewhere!!
  12. My first motorized 2 wheeler was a Cushman scooter. Then a Vespa, let me tell you from experience that a Vespa sucks for off road and they can literally be broken in half.

    My first "real" motorcycle was a 1966 Yamaha 60, followed soon after by a Yamaha Trail 100 and a Yamaha twin 100. Then it was on to bigger and better in rapid succession.

  13. A 1973 yamaha Tx750 that I purchased for $300 at 19 years old. I had never owned a motorcycle and didn't know how to ride. There was some sort of yellow plastic front brake lever that snapped off in my buddies hand as we unloaded it from the truck.

    My parents weren't too thrilled, but dad got with the program. I think he liked the bike as it reminded him of the Triumphs that he had in the past. He helped me get the mechanical stuff squared away, and taught me to ride it in a local church parking lot. I remember my teeth chattering in fear and exhilaration on my first solo ride.

    I still have it, but I am considering getting rid of it for the space in the garage. It needs some work, and I don't see myself doing what it takes to keep something that old up and going. I am torn between sentiment and practicality.
  14. First bike at all was a Kawasaki KV75 mini bike about 35 years ago. Moved up to a Yamaha MX250. Hit the streets 30 years ago on a Yamaha SR185. Had that for one year, then got a Yamaha Seca 400, which I rode for years.
  15. My first bike was a 1958 BSA Gold Star. I was almost 8
    Still have the bike.
    Graduated to a KR 750 HD after a couple years. It was my Uncles but mine to slide around the farm on.
    Moved to England in 1961 and started riding a 500 Velocette around the Midlands very illegally.
  16. I started riding about two years ago because I always wanted to since I was a child. However I had overprotective parents and I lived with them until I was 20. About a week after I moved out I signed up for a motorcycle training course to see if I really liked it. Needless to say, I did and still am loving it.

    My first bike was a 1990 Suzuki Katana. I bought it because I didn't want a 250 and I wanted something cheap. Found that bike with low miles on Craigslist, added 15k miles and sold it for exactly what I paid for it. Upgraded to my current 2006 GSXR 750
  17. 5Hp Mini-Chopper built by my Dad from pictures in a Popular mechanics magazine. It could kick a honda 90 step throughs butt! Then a 1969 Kawasaki F3 Bushwhacker (175cc electric start enduro). Then I hit the big time with a 1970 Kawasaki H1 500cc two stroke
  18. This was my first

    I bought it so I could stop driving my 3/4 ton diesel 5 miles to work.
    After learning how to wheelie it and getting pulled over for speeding, it was put away when I moved. Then someone gave me a Suzuki Savage, LS650, and I've never been without a bike since.
    By the way, riding a Savage when you're 6'3" is a sight to see!
  19. Honda Trail Mini-bike 50cc for me too. They have one on display in mint condition at Beaverton Motorcycles, brings me back great memories. I did my paper route with the bike, living in the West Hills, it was great not having to actually pedal up the hills. The customers love me using the bike too, they could hear my bike which meant the afternoon paper arrived.
  20. My first bike was a Taco mini bike 46 years ago :ninja: