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First bike

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Sugarkitten, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. I've been there. When we bought my Wife's first bike (Vulcan 500) I rode it the 70 miles back to our house...I'm 6' 240#. I felt a bit like a gorilla riding a chain saw.
  2. Mine was a 60's vintage 305 Honda Dream with the stamped metal frame. Wish I still had that bike.

  3. 1971 Honda SL 100 at 13.., after a couple rides on some piss-ant forgettable mini-bike; would love to find a clean example for nostalgia purposes. Honda XL350 at 16, sickness continued until now, well into the old-man 50's.
  4. It all started here.....


  5. Honda QA50 on my Dads farm, I would say that my first road going bike was a Yamaha DT175.
  6. Picked up my first, a 1973 Norton 850 Commando, back in 08. Not an ideal bike to learn on, right side reverse shift, more mechanic than riding. But that was an amazing bike to ride when it ran.
  7. Mine was a 1979 Bultaco Alpina when I was stationed in Italy near the Dolemites.

  8. Ha Ha...with the dreaded Motoplat ignition.
    They're programmed to run great untill you get far enough from the truck that it'll take you two days to push it home.
  9. This may be one of the sweetest first rides I have ever seen.
  10. At 15 years, I bought a black Honda 50 cc. Mom was opposed, sure I would kill myself. I made a down payment and made monthly payments to Marks Marina in The Dalles. Tom was a family friend, so I think Dad guaranteed the payments. I rode that thing to Hood River, Parkdale, Klickitat, Goldendale, Dufer, Arlington and all points in between. Of course, then as now, more is better. It left the shop with a 55 cc jug. I wore the first cylinder out and put the 50cc jug back on it. At 6500 miles the bike was completely worn out. I got a CB 160 next. Mom was against that one also, still sure I would kill myself. I wore it out also. That one took me to Ontario and onto Rexburg, ID to college. Then I got married and had kids. Kids took precedence over motorcycles. It took 45 years, but now I ride a HD Road King Screaming Eagle. I have not told Mom about this one.