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First time in Idaho looking for roads?

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by jholmes5150, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Hello. I am going to be visiting my girlfriends family. We have a few days to ride and looking for some good roads. If any one could help out that would be much appreciated. We are trailering the bikes since two are supermotos. So any cool roads we can plan our days around. Kinda making it a road trip/30th bday trip for my little brother. Thanks fellow pnw riders.

  2. Where in Idaho?

    If you're in the Lewiston area, don't miss the Old Spiral Highway north of town. It's not a long ride, but it's an awesome road and scenic at the top. The nice ride from Lewiston is to take WA 129 down to Enterprise, Oregon. Lots of twisty roads on that route.
  3. Rupert an kuna I think. We will be over for a week and prob ride everyday so thanks for the info.
  4. I don't know much about the area around Rupert. Kuna looks like a suberb of Boise. Look for roads north of you, where the mountains are. South of Boise is mostly flat with straight roads that'll bore you to death.

    The road from Boise to McCall (Hwy 55) is really nice if you can hit it when there isn't too much traffic (Idaho drivers aren't good about using slow vehicle turnouts). Not tight/technical, but plenty of curves and a nice view, and high enough elevation to keep you cool in the summer. Looking at Google maps, 21 heading east toward Idaho City/Stanley looks pretty twisty. I've never been on that one, so no idea if it's all paved, but with sumos, you should be able to handle either option.

    Other than that, chat up the guys at a shop when you get to town. Should be a lot of dirty options up north as well.
  5. Kuna and Rupert are off of I-84. I-84 from Boise to Mtn Home has to be the most boring road I have driven.

    On a happier note, see below.
  6. This. And buy the Butler Map of Idaho. It will show all the goodness the Gem State has to offer.

    For my money, take one of the two routes up to Stanley.
  7. 21 was a good ride all the way out and past Stanley.
  8. Thanks so much. We will be exploring since its our first time visiting the area. Wasn't sure if some special spots hiding over that way.
  9. Here's a link to the local forum in Boise, since you mentioned Kuna. There are a lot of riders who strictly ride trails so you are better off posting your question there. What I do know you will have lots of options. Bogus Basin Rd up to Bogus Mountain Ski Resort just 16 miles up from downtown Boise is the local playground for street riders. It's a very technical road. There is also the Lowman Loop (Hwy 55, 21), as well as the Stanley Loop which takes you through Sun Valley Resort.
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