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First Track Day on 2012 ZX10

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by DucatiDon, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. First Track day on the 2012 ZX10R. WOW! One fast bike.
    Traction control works......Shreds tires like a liter bike should.
    The Dunlop US GPA 55xx will only last one day on this bike.
    Tire wear was OK considering the stock shock is crap.
    Im pretty sure I can go faster on this bike stock than on my 2005 in full race trim with magic forks and penske shock.
    QuickShifter (Bazzazz ZFI) is pretty cool. Only one false Neutral in 5/6.
    Wheelies no problem in 5th gear at 150+. Had a 4th gear wheelie catch wind and try to loop me (This is on the .75 mile long front straight at PIR).

    Pulled every bike on the track, including BMWs and Panigale. The ZX has motor, Power wheelies in 2nd and 3rd. Im running 16/40.

    Transitions waaayyy beter than the 05. (Went flush on the forks, 4mm shim in the rear, and a 190/60 Dunlop US GPA tire) Didnt run wide or understeer.
    Brakes are OK..just needed to get the pads warmed up! (Using Carbonne Lorraine SBK-5 street pads) Im going to switch to Vesrah next week.
    Was lofting the rear into T1 by the third session.

    Saw an indicated 182mph..thats reading from the wheels, and a tall tire.

    Its making my 2005 race bike feel slow. sigh.....
  2. :popcorn:

    Sounds like you're ready for TOR.

    Fossil this coming weekend?

  3. Sounds just like WSBK: The Kawi simply doesn't take care of the rear tire that well....
  4. Nothing against ZX but I'd like to see more accurate comparison between three bikes with same caliber riders and similarly setup bikes.
    Track days are different for everyone so you cant compare yourself to next guy over. For some its a "race" and others are just out to enjoy and have some fun. 8)
  5. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    The first Gen has some legs on it and it's good to hear that the new one does not dissapoint.

    Someone feeling inadequate about their BMW? ;-)
  6. Nope, love my BMW and wouldn't trade it for any other supersport :nana
    Having couple/few bikes is best, plan to rearange my other bikes but BMW is staying :mrgreen:
  7. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    Yeah, I remember when you only had the FZ6...look at you now...a bike tycoon. :mrgreen:

    I'm not the one to talk...I've got more than I can ride at one time.
  8. One (12' zx10r) pulled on the ferry right behind me the other day. First time I've seen one, besides in a magazine, and I swear it looked like a 600. It looked so smalled, compact and sleek. The guy had just bought it. I love the looks of the bike!
  9. Video, or it didn't happen. :mrgreen:
  10. Can't stop progress. Sounds amazing.
  11. DGA

    DGA Moderator

  12. ZX is nowhere to be seen or did I miss something? :stir:
  13. Good editing, Paul.

    I did see 14 year old Andy Dibrino go by on his R6......LOL

    Grudge match Paul??? :)

    PS LEE, post the one where I passed you out of turn 9...just so Paul can get his nuts off.
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  14. had a couple false neutrals on my first track day on my '06 sv650 4->5, is that just bad timing of the shift that causes that? kinda worried me, cut my last session short
  15. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    Timing and not a deliberate shift on your part; can't half ass them. Do enough of them and it might bend your shift fork enough that the bike will fall into a false neutral at WOT, even when you are in gear.
  16. another i go fast in a straight line thread... :fallinga:

  17. It is a Motocorsa trackday Trinc, lol:stir:
  18. Thats where I blew up the last 05 ZX10.....false neutral and over rev = "pop".

    I also noticed that the TC bar was pegged at the apex of T4.....thought it was an ignition issue....
  19. Sounds like fun :thumblef:

    I'd love a dry day at PIR...