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Foothills in Port Angeles (ORV)

Discussion in 'Trail Reports' started by coastiepete, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Some footage from one of the local trail sections in PA. Known as the foothills, or 6-pack.

    Trails are in good shape, a little wet from recent rain, but it also knocked down the dust. DNR is probably closing half of it again this year for logging. Thanks to the wonderful state for raping us in ORV tab money, and then closing our trails..............not to mention making us pay ANOTHER 35 bucks a year just to park our trucks at the trailheads.......rant over, lol

    If anybody ever wants to venture out and ride this area, let me know! tons of good trails out in the boonies, lol
  2. Hey Pete,
    I'm thinking of venturing out that way sometime this fall/winter. Screw paying for parking, I'm just going to ride out there, then ride up in the hills :mrgreen:

    Also, they've pretty much done the same thing here on green and gold mountain with the logging. The DNR are very "strict" about motorcycles staying on the trails so the land doesn't get torn up, but then they let logging in and that just shreads a whole mountain :tard:

    Anyway, looks like fun from your vids.