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For Sale: wrecked 1998 Honda CBR600 F3 and extras ~$1k

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by MB2, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Up for sale is my 1998 Honda CBR 600F3. Please read full ad before contacting. I will likely fix this bike up and sell it for higher as time goes on.

    PNW Special: Willing to sell for $1000 cash to established PNWrider member. Please do not share your thoughts on this bike if not constructive, doing what I gata do - I'd sell a nice clean bike if I could. I've priced out the parts. On ebay it looks like you could get $1500 for the major parts pretty easily (under-pricing the competition), probably around $2000 after everything sells.

    Link to CL ad:
    I also have a Subaru for sale, link to CL ad:

    I bought this bike August 2011 and rode it for a little over a year, putting about 10k miles on it. If I remember right the bike had a little less than 8k on it when I got it, and I believe it has around 18k now. The picture of it all together is when I bought it - the bike really was pristine.

    I've crashed it a couple times, and as a result have a decent number of spare parts. The last crash was my worst, and did the most damage to the bike. The tail is slightly off center now (thank goodness it's a steel frame!) and the forks got bent. I also believe the front wheel was damaged or I wouldn't have switched tires (I am not interested in having a main part of the bike fail when I need it). Every time I was able to get it running and riding well with minimal parts - with the last one being the exception. I got the engine running no problem and it sounded good, but ran out of time/money to get the rest of the parts I needed to keep it riding. Then when I went to school my parents took the motorcycle and stored it away from home, so I haven't ran this thing in 4 years.

    Aftermarket parts included:
    -Dynojet kit, butt/spark plug tuned
    -Hotcam valve shim kit (full kit - think it was about $80 new)
    -Honda CBR F4i gauge cluster (not currently working, not sure why but it looks clean)
    -BMC air filter (probably 9k on it)
    -fairly new Pitbull front stand, and generic rear stand

    Extra stock parts:
    -2 sets of forks. One from an F3 and one from an F2 (the F3 has different internals, but everything is compatible) The fork tubes in the F2 forks are bent (lowers are good), the other set are good.
    -Lots of plastics - see pictures - Some side plastics in decent shape, most fairly cracked up. I would consider them semi-repairable (I've done it)...but you'd need a lot of time and creativity.
    -Spare set of wheels (the wheels are from an earlier '96 F3, the rear wheel not mounted is 0.5" narrower and as a result gives a slightly different tire profile - I found it to be quicker to transition into turns and it also would give me chicken strips [I couldn't max out the tread, even on the track]). All wheels have new bearings/seals in the last 2k or so.

    Overall bikes condition:
    -18k on whole bike
    -Most of the parts are there (tool kit, battery cover, lots of spare hardware, etc.)
    -Left engine cover is scratched from sliding on gravel. I sanded it down and was planning to paint or polish it.
    -I replaced the cam tensioner with a manual tensioner and it leaked slightly ever since - that is the only leak I am aware of.
    -Tires are fairly new. I put about 500 miles and one track day on the rear, maybe 1000 miles on the front (matching set). New steel valves install with the tires.
    -Yoshimura exhaust was damaged in my first crash and I modified it accordingly. The can is titanium, I cut about 4" off, shortened the original baffling and reinstalled everything. I sanded some of the edges and tried cleaning up the tube - eventually I was going to polish it up. I have a brand new set of clamp bands for the rivets, original rivet replacements and a new yoshimura sticker to go on the muffler.
    -Seat has one hole pictured
    -Spare rear tire on the narrower rear wheel is at the wear bars in the center - could still be used on the track.
    -Forks currently mounted check out. I believe I bought them from a non-crashed bike on ebay before the bike was stored, as I only ever had one spare set of forks originally. The triple tree also looks good, I believe I threw out the one from my last crash which bent the forks.
    -Ignition doesn't work anymore, key was bent inside the chamber.
    -Wiring harness has some damage near the dash. A couple wires were cut into. I did some janky repairs to get the engine running, nothing long-term yet.
    -Dash is toast. When I find it I will get a picture to validate the miles.
    -Rear sprocket and chain are new, installed same time as rear tire - about 500 miles ago

    I did the valve clearances about 2k miles ago. Always changed oil at 3k with Castrol Synthetic 4stroke motorcycle oil and changed filter with Honda OEM every 6k. All plastics pictured included if the buyer wants them.

    Of the plastics I have, the front main ones are about in the best shape. I would probably install an RR rear seat/tail/cowl and modify the front plastics to have some clean lines, then install the F4i gauge cluster and a cafe style headlight. You might be able to pull out the tank dent, but I'd likely fill it with bondo and paint or wrap the tank.

    Currently the bike is stored on Camano Island and not in running condition. Buyer will need to pick-up, and I cannot help load - I have a broken collar bone, hints the need to trade the bike. I do have ramps we can use. Please contact via text 4two5twofour4ateone78 or shoot me an email from CL

    Clean title in hand.

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  2. Bumped. Posted it back up, actually plan to sell it this time. Bike is located in Everett.