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For those that are fortunate enough to have Monday off...

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Sugarkitten, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. 7 Mile Hill/Old Mosier road is remarkably clean. Due to rain, I only made it about halfway out, but was pleasantly surprised. If you are heading west, the first left hand switch back is very clean, but the second still has a bit more grit than I would like to see. Not "sandblast your lower" dirty, but definitely would be a bad idea to go in hot.
  2. Oh I'll be lurking along some of those roads tomorrow :secret:

  3. I will be working tomorrow, but have a solid chance at a short day. I'm trying to decide between riding and fitting the new bits to my bike. If this goes anything like the "washing vs.riding" dilemma, I will be riding.