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Found pics from last year

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by r6fireman1996, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Here are some pics I have had for some time. I just now figured out how to post them here and got off my lazy arse and got photobucket. anyway, here goes.

    This was top speed testing down at "the rock", me, daniel, pat, leif, shane, and jesse. BEANS had the best at 170mph!

    Here we were later that day at the top of the spiral - Yes, we're missing a bike and there are two guys on one 'cause the TL was a smokin after about 160mph pass. We left that at Les Schwabs in Clarkston and returned with my truck later that night.

    This was a trip from pullman to cour de lane with noah and john and DJ and our respective passengers. This is me fixing my license plate - they don't make twist ties like they used to!

    This is my first fact if you look up the WSU moto club my pic is still with this one. THis is my OLD tire the night before getting my new tire.

    The four firefighters - Me (R6), Brian (ZX6), Jesse (TL 1000 which he sold to shane), Shane (YZF600 which he sold to get TL)

    Here we were coming back from a ride and passing through Uniontown. Wheres our bunker gear when we need it?

    Heres us waiting and watching...the fire

    ...Or we were watching her (she's actually cute, but the pic was malo!)

    Here's my buddy from back home Ben and I at Alki

    DJ, you remember this...its the result of Ben's crash (different Ben) this was more than a year ago though

    And from another angle...

    And another...

    I do have video of that crash somewhere...if I can figure out how to post it I would. Any help???

    Anyway, this was my "first time" posting pics and I was so excited I just posted whatever I thought was cool. More to come later.

  2. I wanna see the video. :shock:

  3. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    beans only got 170??? did he forget to put in all plugs or something?
  4. I have pics from that ride...haha I think you got those from me.

    I actually went faster that day on the speedo...but one of the firefighters had a GPS that I attached to my triple tree that showed the indicated 170 on there. you have a copy of the video of DJ's friend Ben wrecking his R1 on Spiral...DJ wants that video in the worst way...send me a pm if you have it and I'll personally ride down there and grab a copy of it or have you send it up with the crew riding up here tomorrow.
  5. ya I do, but I'm in the middle of moving so it may take a bit to find it. I'll get ya a copy though. it seems to be a popular item...if you tell me how I'll post it on the site.
  6. actually chuck, im gonna need that video burned in its entirety onto a cd-r and i will ride down there as soon as u have it to pick it up via hand delivery...really need that!

    no way to host vids...too much bandwidth.
  7. Hey Chuck.... that isn't the tape that the VCR ate at the station is it?!?! :shock:
  8. Uh...NO. close, but that tape was actually of other station "activities"

    I have the "master" also on miniDV, and also on my computer.