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FREE Motorcycle Training

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by 600 Scraps, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. hey all, I signed up (and paid for, udumbass: ) motorcycle training in Lewiston this weekend, but I decided I'm just gonna take the test at the DMV. If anyone isnt endorsed yet, I can get you the info to get into the weekend-long class, free of charge. the schedule is:

    Friday, 7/8/2005 6:00 PM - 9:30PM
    Saturday, 7/9/2005 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Sunday, 7/10/2005 8:00 AM -6:00 PM

    It at Lewis & Clark college. If anyone is interested give me a call at 509-388-1337 or email me at and just in case you missed it, its FREE. :mrgreen:
  2. I hate you, why couldn't you have done that exactly two weeks ago when I was taking it!?! On the other hand, I still would recommend you take it, you have already paid for it and you will learn something.
    1. pay $75 + $25 to take DMV test and know what I know now
    2. pay $75 + $25 take MSC and learn some potentially life-saving knowledge, get to ride spiral 3 time in the weekend, not risk taking and failing the overly-hard DMV test, put my money to good use.


  3. I'll second the idea of still taking the class. It will probably save your life.
  4. Yeah but I cannot pass the driven test at DMV. The second part of Test 2 sucks, the cones are too close to weave a sportbike in between. I know guys riding for a lifetime that couldnt pass that portion of the test.
  5. seriously, i have to do like 20 point turns to get out of some parking spots :[[[
  6. They probably do that on purpose so that there are less and less sport bike riders out there
  7. ok ok I get the hint, but lets say hypothetically that I was down at the river fishing for too long and missed the class. How worried should I be about the DMV test? Any testimonials from people who've passed it would help. :|
  8. You won't have any problem at all passing the DMV on a bandit 600. The class probly would be good though as they problably will bring up good reminders. I have been riding sport bikes for 20 years and last year my brother was getting his first bike so I talked him into it and I went with him just for shits & giggles and it was pretty cool. Some of it was lame, but then I had to remind myself that it was still a nice few days out in the sun, I was hanging with my brother and even though the bikes were small and not much power it was fun to balance them standing still, piss off the people trying to ride behind me and when the instructor wasn't looking roast the tire off.

    Fishing is fun too though.
  9. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    If I can pass the DMV test on an 83 interceptor that ran like crap after only being on a streetbike for 2 weeks anyone should be able to :)

  10. I decided to take the class, but it was a three month wait and I got tired of waiting for it so I went to the dmv and took the test on Lia's 250 ninja. Let me tell you the cones suck, thats where you'll lose points if you lose any, the rest of the test was easy, just remember not to put your feet down in the wrong spots. I got through all the cones but 2 which I skipped on purpose or else I would of fallen over and automatically failed. I passed the course and it was raining , but Im in the military and to get on base I had to take the class even though I had my endorsement. So I took it with a few people I work with,we got the one day 7-5 class which was awsome, I definitly learned a few things. Not to mention you get to pimp it on little 125cc beast going a top speed of 20mph. I would take it if I were you even if you pass the dmv, some insurance companys even give you discounts if you pass it.
  11. I took my driving test a year ago, but back then i was on a kz440 ltd it was a '79 i think. Little cruiser. Cones were not a problem :) I talked to the guy about sport bikes and he said they just cant do the cones. I suggest getting a differnt bike for the test, if thats an option, something like a ninja 250 or a mini cruiser. I didnt think the test was that hard, easy to study for too :)
  12. I just checked the MSF website and it doesn't list any training locations in Idaho. I also searched the LCSC website and didn't turn up any info on the course. Any ideas on how to find out if they will be doing the training this year? Also, does passing the course in ID entitle you to get a WA endorsement? Thanks.
  13. james1300

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    Podcore, ya failed becauz you RIDE a Motorcycle and DRIVE a cage!

    Seriously ''Take the class', get your insurance discount and be a smarter, safer rider"!
    Did I mention your frontal lobes will throb with confidence, too?
    Their chick magnets! Honest!
  14. I took my motorcycle course in Idaho so I know how it works. You have to go through Idaho's STAR program, and the closest place is in Lewiston on the LCSC campus. Go into Lewiston, make a right at the Albertsons, and go down a couple miles and it is in that big parking lot on the left on campus.

    They off two classes. Novice Class is $60 for a Saturday/Sunday and you use their motorcycles. This fills up very very fast! Experienced Class is $30 and it's one Saturday (8 - Noon is in the classroom with a test, and 1 - 5 is out doing the driving) and you use your own motorcycle.

    Once you complete the course, a week later they send you a certificate of completion, a STAR decal, and a STAR patch. That paperwork will work in the WA DOL and qualify you for a full motorcycle endorsement on your WA drivers license.

    I took the Experienced course, and it even filled up fast. It's a great course. I still have the patch and decal sitting here on my shelf collecting dust haha.
  15. Idaho's STAR stands for Skilled Training Advantage for Riders, and the phone number to call to setup a spot in Lewiston is 1-888-280-STAR

    Here is a website with more info:
  16. When do you get your new bike Scraps?