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Friday July 1 - 1230 - Cougar Country

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by beansbaxter, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. I'll be arriving in Pullman Friday the 1st of this fine oh mighty fine July month sometime around Noon depending on when I head out of Spokane. I have to deliver some MotoGP tickets to a friend there before I head out to TriCities for the weekend.

    If anyone is gonna be around and bored, and wants to meet up for lunch, post up. I'll check it in the morning before I head out.

    My cell is in my profile if ya need to get a hold of me.
  2. where are ya thinkin of doin lunch at?

  3. Pullman, anywhere there is fair game...don't matta' to me...
  4. You gonna be on the zx12? I would meet up for lunch. Anyone have any preferences?
  5. Yep...I'll be riding. I figure worse case scenario will put me in Pullman no later than 1pm, but I'm shooting for Noon.

    How about Cougar Country next to Tesoro?
  6. cougar country works for me
  7. How about 1230 then at Cougar Country??
  8. cya there :thefinge:
  9. hey wheelietime...are ya bringin' ur busa..cause ill be hungry since it'll be lunch time and i cant think of anything better to eat :nana
  10. I wouldn't worry as much about the busa as I would about the ZX-11...
  11. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i'm hungry already... see ya there
  12. hmmmm choices, choices. crackup:
  13. can I bring the fire engine? :mrgreen: actually its already past but I didn't see anyone while we were out today. Have a safe ride to the tri-cities beans.

  14. Fire engine woulda been kewl. We were there for a couple hours I think. That BS'n is serious business ya know. Almost had beans talked into runnin me with the busa, but he had some lame excuse that we talked too long or something like that :nana