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Friday night losers club...check in here

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SpokaneXX, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. I played with the kittens I'm trying to give away, went out to the garage and sat on the bikes and made vroom vroom noises...killed some pesky beers and here I am.

  2. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    Yep me too loser all the way lol...

  3. Post up know who you are...


  4. beansbaxter, delta_77, FIREBIRD, Hardly A. Thefe, Lia, Lucky, Perferd, wazzu mille, Xiphos, ZX Kawboy

    Plus how many lurkers?


  5. Fuck.... I should be asleep... why in the hell don't I have something better to do on a friday evening @ 1145?
  6. I gotta call it a night...have a busy weekend full of fixing motorcycles and network systems. Get some!
  7. :nana
  8. funny how they come outta the woodwork when you shine a light on 'em...kinda like a cockroach...

  9. if you're bored, go bump Lucky off some of those high scores in the Arcade
  10. home on a friday night!
  11. SpokaneXX, beansbaxter, Brassneck, FIREBIRD, genisx1, Hardly A. Thefe, Penfold, sa1, syphen, Xiphos
    Post up ladies...

  12. and im bored out of my mind. watchign some movie on USA with sam jackon in it. hes wearing a kilt, yeah its interesting
  13. im going to bed now, long night of booty and good times. :twisted: