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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Fighterama, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Just lookin for rides, im free all 3 days, any ideas?

  2. No ideas but im down for a good ride!!! I need to adjust the rebound on the front of the scooter, so lets bang some corners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. eric and i got a ride brewing for sunday (another thread)

    and for tomorrow(friday) i can go for a ride as long as im back in spokane at 3.

    lemme know if we can do that. otherwise well see everybody sunday.

  4. ill be down for somthing on saturday
  5. I will let this thread decide where we are going what days. Fri I am free 2ish, prob gonna go race the big bike at the drags if its not raining, other than that, no plans, so wherever the rides happen im in

  6. Im down for tomorrow. I'm with ya paul, lets hit some corners 8)
  7. Gotta do some lake work, will take a couple hours, let me know when your gettin together (5ish?)

  8. im out for the friday one. (work) but we got a sunday ride brewing that should be fun.
  9. how bout an AM saturday sprint to CDA and poke around post falls?

    maybe meet like 10 ish
  10. saturday not my brothers graduation sometime that day. Most likely count me out