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Friendly cop waved today.

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by ZaethDekar, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Beautiful Monday morning, around 6:30, 68 degrees out and not that many cars on the road for a Monday morning, I am thinking people had too good a time out in the sun this weekend. Merge onto I-205N off of HWY 14. Get up to speed after getting out from behind a slow car and star following a black Subaru Impreza going ~80.
    Look over after the lane on the right hand side merges and here is this wonderful cop with his door open, squating next to the car, pointing a radar gun at me. Thinking "Oh shit, I am already running late, my gage cluster keeps telling me I am almost out of fuel, and now I am going to get pulled over." but he doesn't get in the car. He just points right at me, I nod, then he procedes to put his hand even with his head down to his knee multiple times, I nod and back the speed down to a nice pace of 66 (indicated).

    Thank you officer for making my day that much better.

    TL;DR - I was speeding and the cop motioned for me to slow down instead of pulling me over. I am almost out of gas.
  2. You got lucky. Now go play the lottery.

  3. Buy that guy a coffee next time you see him ;)

  4. Same thing happened to me this morning. Right off the ramp, westfield shopping center onto WA500. I merged into traffic on the left. He was pointing his radar, but then just waved.
    :mrgreen: i was kinda shocked, but it definitely made my day

    Huge thanks to the officers who understand sticky situations
  5. Maybe he recognized you from the note you sent in with your last award. :nana
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