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From Sabre to Magna (reluctantly

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by Ordrock, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. I picked up an 1985 V65 Magna, VF1100C, from a pot farmer in O'Brien Oregon. He didn't even offer any weed, Oh Well better off without DOPE. The guy had it advertised for $700, I paid $500. The bike runs, stops and everything works. The first used bike to ever do that. I thought I'd do a Before, during and after foto log and description during the process. It needs a stock seat, the rubber blinker thingies, rust removal, polishing, right side cover in purple, tires, oil filter, oil, fuel filter, basically attention to detail.

    I bought it to replace the motor in my 1985 Saber that my Son broke the same day that i got the bike back together. First ride, wide open throttle and kablamo. But who knows I might just like this bike after it put back together in stock configuration and perttied up.

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  2. There is a guy at work that has one he restored. He really enjoys it. I had an '86 (I think) Interceptor. Loved that engine! Great harmonic exhaust.

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