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FS: FS: 2009 GSX-R 750 : Needs New Home - Clean Bike.

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Haste01, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. I didn’t think the day will come when I would decide to sell my 1st & only bike. But I think that day has come. I have thought about it for over a year now. And I think I have decided & I will go through with it. And I might buy another one down the road, but right now I have my hands tied & find myself to busy.

    A little about the bike. I purchased it in 2010 brand new at RMC. It’s been garaged kept since I bought it. It’s seen a phew rainy days when I got caught by the rain. And it has seen a phew track days. It’s been down on its left side & it only had “cosmetic” damage and has since been fixed and all plastics replaced. The motorcycle has not been misused in a reckless manner where the motor or transmission has to be a concern. It’s been properly maintained since I’ve owned it and taken care of very well & has a clean title, 19,3++ miles.
    That being said. I plan to sell this bike with as much accessories as I can since I don’t plan to ride for a while till I have that urge to ride once more as well as time. I am adding to the motorcycle:

    A Pit Bull Rear Stand, Pit Bull Front Stand W/ clip, GSX-R Motorcycle Cover, Winter riding gloves by: TPG (black), Arai Vector 2 Helmet (blue/white-Lrg), HID, High beam kit 6k (by: gixxer boys), GP8 blue/white riding gloves-Lrg (by A-star). Entry level track boots: SM-X 5 (sz.9) (by:A-star) (black) & a leather jacket by A-star(black sz. 42). I will also give you the old plastics from the left side of the bike and gas tank and other goodies with the bike as well as the stock exhaust/headers. And to sweeten the deal I might toss in a go-Pro 2. (NADA going rates are $6,200 to $8,300 apx.)
    Asking Sale: $7,250 (with everything)
    Just the Bike: $6,500 (With OEM parts that came with it & other goodies)

    Performance & Cosmetic/Accessory Upgrades

    - Akrapovic carbon fiber racing 2 (Full) exhaust & Headers System
    - Bazzaz A-Fi Fuel Control Unit
    - Dyno tuned By Nels (Doing 138.9 HP. to the tires )
    - Air Filter (Can’t remember brand- but it’s aftermarket)

    - Suspension has been adjusted by KFG to accommodate a rider weighing roughly 150 to 160 lbs.
    -Attack Performance Racing Rear sets
    -GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer
    -Ballistic EVO2 - 8 cell Battery: (1.7 lbs.)
    -Vortex swing arm spool sliders
    -Vortex v3 Frame Sliders
    -Renthal Clip-on Handlebars (clamps feature laser etched positioning marks)
    -Gixxer Boys : HID 6k Low beam
    -Weighted bar end sliders
    -CRG Folding break lever (Long/standard)
    -CRG RC2 Break lever (shorty)
    -Stator Cover (From Woodcraft)
    -Puig Double bubble windscreen
    -Custom Seat fabrication (Sliding resistant material & leather)
    -Stomp Grip Tank pads
    -Pro Grip Tank Protector 5005

    A lot has gone into this bike. I hope the person that decides to buy this bike. Will appreciate it as much as I have. It's very fun to drive and very powerful. Handles great and is very responsive.
    I only plan to sell this and not trade (sorry). If you want a test drive you need to have cash on hands for this to happen.
    Text or call 206-261-8032. If I don't answer please leave a voicemail or text me with the interest you have for the bike or want further details. Thank you.




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  2. BUMP.
    Had a phew text come in with some interesting questions. So I will answer some of them on here to any other viewers out there.

    Yes: I am willing to just sell the motorcycle on its own. I have set that price at $6,500, And I can give you all OEM parts that came with the bike originally and even the busted ones such as scratched fairings and gas tank.

    Yes: I am willing to adjust price and give certain things with the bike to seal the deal and get the bike sold and in the hands of a new owner.

    Yes: The suspension has been adjusted to my weight which lingers in the 150 to 160 range by KFG.
    The motorcycle rides perfectly fine, responds as it should and handles great. Might need new tires but I have a brand new set I can toss in the deal for free, Michelin Pilot Power 2 ct's. I have so much stuff for the bike its to much to even mention. Its just stuff and it comes with the bike. Extra stomp grip strips (black), goodies is all I have to say.

  3. Good clean looking bike right there with lots of goodies. love the seat