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Fundraiser for Denise (Squirrel) - Bikers Rally Against Road Rage - 9/15

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by fishrscary, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    For those of you that have not yet gotten the full info here it is:

    "Bikers Rally Against Road Rage" - starts @ 3pm at Rock the Dock Pub and Grill in Tacoma (21+).

    Bike Show Registration: 3:00pm - 4:30pm ($10 entry fee - net proceeds go to Denise, we had to rent the parking lot)

    Bike Show: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

    Winners announced approx: 6:30-ish (you guys know the categories already - EVERYONE is allowed to vote for the "People's Choice" trophy).

    We have TONS of prizes for the live drawings (I didn't say "raffle") - and good auction items.

    Pre-sale T-shirts I need to know who is interested in this.

    The woman who is generously donating all the T-shirts and printing costs is only making 50 T-shirts. And regardless of whether or not you pre-order, they will be $20.

    However, if you pre-order, you have choice of red or black, womens or mens style/sizes and you'll be able to pick them up at the event. ALL PROCEEDS from the T-shirts will go to Denise. If you want to pre-order, we will set up a paypal account (which is a topic of tonight's planning meeting).

    If someone else also wants to make T-shirts and sell them at the event, we have no problems with that.


    As I had mentioned earlier, we have expenses, such as renting the parking lot and paying for the restaurant waitstaff. We will not know the total of these expenses until after event. So I'm just going to be straight with you guys.

    The only two ways to raise money for Denise at the event:

    Bike Show and Beer Garden.

    The T-shirts are a straight up donation, and not connected w/the expenses we have to pay. So please buy one - as our expenses are not small.

    Beer Garden - I know that most of us will not drink and ride. However, this the only other way to raise money for Denise at the event. We (the planners) have to pay for the all beer consumed - the bands drink for free - these are not our rules, but we have to follow them. So only the beer garden "profit" (like the bike show) - will be going to Denise. I'm not advocating drinking...however, the event does start at 3pm and the beer garden is cut off at 9pm. So after 9pm, that's it - no more fundraising. You can stay until 2am, but if the drinks are not from the Beer Garden - it's "profit" is not going to Denise. If you want to buy a beer or a pitcher and give it to someone else, I'm sure the person wanting the beer will not be offended.

    Just to let you know who some of our donors/sponsors are (the poster will be going up soon):

    Rock the Dock
    South Bound & South Sound Honda
    Bulldog Tattoo Parlor
    Cycle Gear
    Full Tilt Riders MC (Seattle/Tacoma Chapter)
    Triumph of Tacoma
    Seattle Cycle Center
    Clem's Enumclaw Powersports
    PSM Racing
    Motorsports of Olympia
    Check Twice for Motorcycles

    And tons more from personal donors.

    We still need volunteers...

    Thanks for your support, everyone.

    - Peggy
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  2. Do U have an example of the t-shirts?

    ...hope I dont get flamed for asking this

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    "Pre-sale T-shirts I need to know who is interested in this".

    ME! Me! Me!

    T-Shirts? Can I get one?
  4. Updates: Just got back from the planning meeting. I missed the last meeting since I was at Cycle Gear Bike Night, but here are the updates.

    T-shirts: We don't have an example - the design is being done by a professional graphic designer (artist) - we tell him the slogan and he's going produce the design. I've worked with artists like this before, and I've always been really happy with the designs that they come up with (some of the designs were mind-blowing). The slogan is "Don't Engage in Road Rage", but no one in the planning committee will know the design until we get them. We do know that they will be vinyl printed, so if you wash them inside out - the shirt will last forever (not like cheap concert shirts). This woman is spending a lot of money to get these shirts done. At first she was only going to donate 30, but seeing how big the event will be, she graciously upped the donation to 50 shirts.

    PNWRiders are the only people that is getting notice that there are pre-order T-shirts available. And you can only get the red one from pre-order.

    If we run out of pre-order shirts, we will print more for the actual event - however, 50 shirts and a professional artist graphic designer is not exactly inexpensive - so we will have to pay the expenses on any shirts over 50 donated ones. The "profit" from the shirts will still go to Denise.

    We will set up a paypal account (possibly even a simple website, still paying w/paypal) for the shirts. On the "notes section" please write down what size you'd like (women's or men's) and the color - black or red. If there are shirts left over from the pre-order, only black ones will be available at the event. If all of the shirts from pre-order sell out, you can still buy them pre-order. We'll just make more for the event. And if they sell out at the event, you can still get one, we'll it to mail it you.

    Suggested Donations: Everyone who comes to the event will get a free live drawing ticket (I didn't say "raffle"). The suggested donation is $5, and you will get 5 additional tickets, so 6 tickets for $5. We have a lot of very good prizes. I'm going to pick up donations from the Triumph dealership tomorrow, and then South Sound/South Bound Honda on Friday. Another planner is picking up donations from Hinshaw's tomorrow. We are still soliciting donations all the way up until a few days before the event. So the donor list that I posted above - that's just a portion of donors (didn't even name everyone that has donated - wouldn't fit on the poster - and we're still getting more).

    If you enter the bike show ($10)
    - you already have fulfilled your suggested donation, and will receive 6 tickets, as well as a free drink and being in the bike show.

    Beer Garden: we will be giving out freebies if you buy from the beer garden. We are also asking if Rock the Dock will do a special discounted event dish for us (e.g. Taco Thursdays on their normal bike nights - I will post an update if this will be possible).

    Live Drawing tickets (still didn't say raffle): You will get to see the prizes before you buy the tickets. Almost ALL of the items that I have picked up from donors cost at least $30 - $65 each (we are leaving the the price tags on). So we're charging $1 for additional tickets. They will be available at the beer garden (which I found out sells more than beer, there was Jagermeister as well & Jager Bombs. I don't know if this will be the case again - but I don't see why it wouldn't be). There will also be ticket sellers walking around.

    There will be a 50/50
    - I believe the price of the ticket is the same, but the tickets will be a different color. The woman who is in charge of the live drawings was unable to attend tonight, but if it is different - I will update ASAP.

    Vendors: we changed the vendor fee to a flat rate of $50 - which is 1/2 of what is generally charged. So if anyone wants to be a vendor - let me know...$50 is very inexpensive to advertise your business (if you are a custom shop) and extremely inexpensive if you have things to sell.

    Music: We just confirmed that there will be music the entire time of the event. There will be prizes in-between sets of the live bands.

    We are planning surprises too - but need to check out if it can be done or not. If it can be done - you guys will be in for a TREAT!!

    That's all I have for now - if you have any questions, please PM me.

    And we still need volunteers...



    - Peggy
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  5. shelbyguy

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  6. Hi Everyone,

    Bad news - I JUST found out that the graphic designer won't be able to deliver the design in time to take to print for pre-orders. Apparently, since it's a long weekend and he's taking an extra day off, he's pushed the deadline back.

    I'm REALLY REALLY sorry about this - I just got this news about 10 minutes ago.

    The shirts WILL be ready and sold at the event...

    Bummer, I know...
  7. BTW - the Triumph dealer donated three jackets, a heated gear jacket (the kind you have to plug in (so the good kind - not battery pack), an evaporative cooling vest and a Joe Rocket liner, in addition to some bike maintenance supplies. WOW!!! These are the kind of donations that we are getting from bike shops and dealerships. As well as non-bike related prizes like $50 gift cards to restaurants, gift certificates inside of gift baskets... So there should be something for everyone.

    We are leaving all the price tags on each prize item. So you guys can browse and then decide how many tickets you want to buy.
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  8. Man, I've been so busy that I completely forgot to post this. Duh...

  9. Should be there. Hope to see you all there
  10. Bump.Going to be a big event this weekend.$10 to enter the bike show, and that gets you 6 raffle tickets a free drink and a bag of swag from yelp.I will be there helping with the bike show.
  11. Hi Everyone,

    Yes, this is going to be a big event, just on FB, there has been over 100 RSVPs. And there are a few rides going on that day in the morning that will end at RTD. Denise is still in a wheelchair, but she will be there!!

    So just to re-iterate the basics (thanks for the bump, karnage!):

    Everyone that comes to the event will get a free "live drawing" ticket. The suggested donation is $5 and you will get another 5 "live drawing" tickets. So $5 for 6 tickets.

    We have GREAT prizes. Someone donated a Dyno!! And helmets!

    There will be tables in the beer garden (which will be inside the warehouse part in front of the entrance of RTD) which will show the prizes and auction items. So it's up to you how many additional tickets you want to buy (we don't want you to buy a bunch of tickets and then think the prizes suck, because they definitely don't). Additional tickets will be $1 each. There's also a 50/50.

    The bands will play in the warehouse area as well. I've heard that there are really great acoustics in there. The DJ will be spinning from 3pm to when the bands start. "Live drawings" and auctions will happen basically the whole time except when the Bike Show winners are announced and when there isn't a band on - there will be intermissions between bands just for this purpose.

    We will have someone grilling and selling big hot dogs at the beer garden too, so you don't have to go inside to order if you want something fast to eat that you can walk around with while exploring, chatting w/friends, etc... (this is a new thing, never been done at RTD before).

    Bike Show:
    If you enter the bike show, it's $10 & includes 6 "live drawing" tickets, a free drink, ballot for "People's Choice" and a small bag of swag from Yelp for the first 100 bike show entrants.

    Since we expect a large number of guests to this event, the bike registration will be cut-off at exactly 4:30pm. If you want to come earlier than 3pm, we can register you early. We should be completely set-up for the bike show around 2:30pm.

    If you've seen the FB page, the timeline of the winners being announced was moved up.

    The judging will be based on a 3 person panel: Steve (owner of Puget Sound Motorcycles), Annette (General Manager of Triumph Tacoma) and Vicki (General Manager of South Sound and South Bound Honda). We like this panel, since all of them both deal with sport bikes and cruisers, as we are trying to stay completely impartial.

    There were multiple FB "events" created for Saturday, but the main one is:

    We created the "Bikers Rally Against Road Rage" page after the event was set up, and we were not able to link it directly to the page. So sorry if that created any confusion.

    And invite your friends, it should be a really fun time!

    If you can't make it and would like to donate straight to Denise, her paypal address is:

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday @ Rock the Dock - 535 Dock St. in Tacoma

    - Peggy
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  12. I'll be there, won't be in the show though, the Witch definitely is not show worthy.
  13. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Bump! Still jones'in for a t-shirt! Size LARGE
    PM me let me know how to pay for it 'Fishrscary'.
  14. Jim, aren't you coming on Saturday? Since there's only 50, it's going to be first come, first served. This is not the decision of the planning committee - it's from the person that's selling the shirts. I'm sorry! I don't know the person selling the shirts, it a friend of one of the other organizers.

    More incentive to come:

    I just got notice that we now have THREE DYNO TUNES, 11 HELMETS, RAINSUIT, HEATED GEAR - the donations have been AMAZING!!
  15. This is just a message from me personally - not representing the event:

    Let's get as many sport bikers there as possible!! We actually have a fighting chance to win at the other categories, since a lot of the rides that are coming in may not get in until after bike registration is closed...

    Nothing against Harleys and cruisers, but they've always dominated @ RTD events, it would be cool to see more than one sport bike win!!

    Regarding the "people's choice" winner. If you enter the bike show you get a ballot automatically. However, if you don't enter the bike show - you may want to just come up to the bike show table anyway and just check it out.
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  16. Thank you so very much for all of everyones hard work! I can't even begin to show our appreciation for what has been done on my behalf. I am so grateful,I don't even know what to say. Most of the people that are working so hard for me I have never even met.....this touchs my heart even more,thank you ,love,D
  17. You're a fellow rider and pnwer. Plus i have been the victim of 2 hit and runs so it hits home. Hope youre doing well and looking forward to meeting you on Saturday
  18. In + as many as i can scrounge up from the O.P... I have a new helmet bag that I'd be willing to donate for the drawing

    Do i need to have it there by a sertain time since i'm 2hrs out?
  19. Looking forward to meeting all my fellow PNW riders tomorrow! And Denise, I'm glad you made it through this, we're all rootin' for ya!
  20. thanks for the donation! That's awesome of you!

    Here's a "secret" - I'm gonna be there at noon, and if anyone happens to arrive early, I have no problems registering them in the bike show. But I will cut off registration at 4:30pm. So if you want to be in the bike show, you can show up whenever you want - I should be set up by 1:30pm. But being late - I can't register you.

    So I'm not sure about what you mean by a certain time, since the event goes until 9pm.

    But if you're talking about dropping off the donation - they're doing raffles and auctions all night.

    Again - thank you!

    - Peggy