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Get together/Party sat 8/25 @ 7pm Vancouver/portland

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by MissAudacious, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. arighty. looks like we're all getting together again this sat.

    WHO: ppl who ride and their friends who don't from Portland/Vancouver
    so far mostly 20-30 something's, but we don't discriminate
    WHERE: our place ... private message me if you will be coming
    or if u have the kik app, text me at "missaudacious"
    WHEN: sat Aug 25th @ about 7pm
    WHY: play some card games, drinking games meet other riders from Portland/Vancouver. there will be some ppl who don't ride, so feel free to bring a friend
    as the night goes on the lasers, strobes, fog machine and DJ come alive
    and there will be dancing! :mfclap:

    so come and hang out
    Bring your own bottle please:thefinge:

    ps. we take keys away if you are not ok to drive/ride
    so please plan ahead if u need to leave early
  2. vtr2:





    melbs5150 [​IMG]



  3. bwahahahaha.

    Any single ladies gonna be there?
  4. creeper
  5. C*ckblock!
  6. Why you gotta start with the insults? I've never been anything but nice to you every time I have ever talked to you in person.

    I even offered to take parts of your bike home for you when you crashed in the spring.

    Oh I forget, didn't you call yourself "the great emasculator" on here or something like that?

  7. we stone the creepers :thefinge:
    i feel some tension between you two :popcorn:
    lol you all should just come on by.
  8. No thanks on getting stoned. Don't do drugs.

    I'm considering it. Depends on if I go on an all day ride or not.

    And no tension on my end. Just can't stand people who don't know me saying shit like that.
  9. [​IMG]

    I see what u did there
  10. Take it easy creeper (opps I mean Cody) Anna is just all tense because she hasn't been out riding enough and the summer is almost over.

    Alina when you get a chance shoot me your info, maybe Jen and I will stop through after our ride or after bike night.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012
  11. text or reply if u got the info
    I tried sending it twice
    I think it worked
    but not showing up in "sent" folder
  12. :scratchea

    naw, seems like a perfectly legitimate question for a single guy to ask if he's gonna spend a Saturday evening someplace...
  13. Still on that bro?? I taught for sure u would have hooked up with a fine ass hyna by now with ur last thread.. lol
  14. Hey I sent you a PM about maybe showing up tonight, although my sent box says I haven't sent anything =/. Anyways, shoot me a PM or hit me up at 770-778-0361 if that's cool. Thanks! =)

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