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Getting an apartment with a criminal record

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by jonnyb347, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I'm trying to move out with my girlfriend, yet every time I find a place I would like to move into I know they will just deny me because I have a recent felony conviction. I've called a couple and they said they don't accept felony convictions regardless of the crime. I'm just wondering how the hell do I get around this? It was a totally non-violent crime(shot a gun in the city limits) and it's bullshit I can't even get a decent place to live because of it.

    I was wondering if I could just take my brothers ID and say i'm him, but I look nothing like him. I wanted to just put the apartment in my girlfriends name but they said we both have to fill out an application.

    Is it possible to just have her go by herself and do all the paperwork and just move in with her without them knowing? I wonder what the possibility of them catching me is.
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  2. why would you shoot a gun in the city limits man

    and I think you might have to get someone to cosign for you and then later you should be able to get the apt on your name

  3. Not the best idea but when I got an apartment with my wife (girlfriend at the time) she had terrible credit and I didn't want to get charged extra for a deposit because of that so I just didn't add her to the lease. It was in my name only. We even had a room mate for most of the time we lived there. They did their yearly/random inspections and never said anything about it the entire time we lived there. It was a nice place in a nice neighborhood too! It is a risk though because they can evict you for it. :ninja:
  4. Just find a smaller apt complex or someone renting a privately owned condo or something. I don't see a private renter paying for a background check.
  5. Damned near everyone is paying for background checks these days. The small guy with everything to lose from one bad renter is especially vulnerable to those credit checks are out to find.
  6. I don't need to hear stories about it was dumb what I did, I'm aware of that by now.

    Most of the places i'm looking at do require background checks because they are not just some random house, usually it's a complex with multiple apartments/duplex's. I'm thinking of just having a buddy go with my girl an do the paperwork and i'll just move in, i doubt they will remember the face.
  7. We have two rental houses and every potential renter we do a background check on... It's only 60 bucks.
  8. On the contrary, find a big apartment complex and have her get it on her name only... I bet they will never find out, just keep paying on time....that's all they really care. I have met so many people that have roommates etc.. and only one is on the lease. By law, they can only get into your place with an advance notice, so make sure that day you go for a coffee... and if they ever ask, she can denied, since they can't prove it unless they set a PI to conduct surveillance, and do you think they really will spend the money on that?

    And trust me, they do have a lot of people with records in these complexes, just not record in Oregon... the problem is that they only check Oregon (state) records. There is no such of thing as "national record" except for the FBI, and for that one you need to send your finger prints....
  9. Background check in that state, what about the other 49 states criminal records? As a former military/federal investigator, and also a landlord, I can tell you that picking up the phone and calling references like past landlords/employers is better than any background offer by those company that advertise them self as "national background checks" something that does not exist, again, only if they have access to "CIC" FBI system, and we both know they dont.
  10. as a "room-mate" are you required to the same procedures or restrictions she is?
  11. Couple options,

    You can trick the system like others have said, but the risk of eviction is very real if they find out and are not cool with it. Most apartment complexes stop caring about convictions after 7 or 10 years.

    You stand a much better chance of renting from a private owner provided you have good credit, references, prior rental history etc and you can meet them in person and explain that you are not a psycho, just someone who made an error in judgement.
  12. Shitty deal bro. Good luck.
  13. The apts i live in will accept felonies depending on the nature. If you would like i will check for you on your. We have a good reputation with the landlords here and would be willing to put aword in for you. Just so you know its Hidden creek Apt in oregon city off hwy 213

  14. Have you tried just asking them first? They might work with you, depending on their vacancy rate.

    Otherwise, if you have told them and been denied, I don't know what to tell ya.

    BTW....If an employer can't discriminate, why can an apartment? Seems like they would be more concerned with payment history?
  15. I bet you could get a place in my complex, the police come visit a tenant in my building on a fairly regular basis, might be a felony conviction there :)

    But in all seriousness (and not to conflate you w/ the possible felons in my complex), you might get approved even when they run the background check... maybe. But I can almost guarantee if you get it just under your GF's name or her's and a friend's you'd be fine. The maintenance guy is the only person that ever enters any of the apts and he couldn't care less (and wouldn't be able to verify anyways) about who lives where and if they signed onto the lease agreement. I live in Lair Hill in SW if you happen to be looking in that area. I bet any other big complex will be the same way. And I agree with small private vs. big rental companies; private renters will almost always do the background checks mostly because their places tend to be a little nicer, they have higher insurance deductibles, and just have more to lose from questionable tenants that might damage their property.

    The only other thing I can think of is to check places that accept section 8 waivers, but that can really limit your options and some of those kinds of places can be real dumps. GL


    Edit: Lair Hill is SW Portland not SE
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  16. Sometimes you worry me with the shit you know............ :nana

    Props if you can help the guy!!!
  17. I know a lot shit and shit knows me ha ha ha
  18. FireDave

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    Check with your local Tenant's Union or County Housing Authority.

    Housing discrimination is against the law, and if the landlord owns enough units (4 or more, I believe), then he/she's obliged to follow the Federal Fair Housing Act, which is Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968..

    Your particular transgression might be on the list of "don'ts" that allow the landlord to deny your application, but it's worth looking into.
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  19. eric

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    Ya, I'd deny your application.

    Stick to private owners, better chance of them not checking or you talking them into taking you.

    A landlord can definitely deny someone based on a felony in any state in the country (although some municipalities may over ride that, I doubt it though.) You only can't discriminate on 'protected classes,' criminal record does not apply.