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getting scam

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by boricua, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. i just want to say that if your bike is broken take it straight to a shop ,,i got scam by a tech,,and a so called friend last week,,,my so called friend found a tech for me i was so happy till i found out my buddy then told the tech to over charge me so he could make money out of me also ///then the truth came out the tech felt so bad that he confess to me what my fake homie ...told him to do //the tech wanted me to know the 2 face my homie was///just wanted to let people know people envi that you have a job//money ..nice ride in 2 weeks 4 houses at 33yrs ..bomb as wife .ect,,i really fell bad because his family is really awasome couldnt ask for a better one but his bad habbits from the past still do him wrong just becareful of fake homies,,,,,,they out there ////////////i am no longer want his friendship but the funny thing is that now i am the bad guy he says i have no cojones check this out the fat ass cant even see his pipi... :lol: ////////////////////////just to let you know fake homies trying to act like a baller cant hang dawg so chill back .........the one you called the mexican got hella backssssssssssssssssssssby la raza
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    Good to know. :thumblef:


  3. is unfortunate that happened between your friend and the tech.

    I think one thing that is important, that if your bike is broken to make sure you trust the people working on it, whether it be a friend or a shop, because both can screw you over.

    Ya look on this board, and guys like LRG and Fighterama know how to work on bikes and seem to enjoy helping people out and they wont dick you over or steer you wrong with their advice through both knowledge and experience. I try to learn as much as I can from other people because I unfortunately am skewed in my thinking to Kawi since in the early days all my info came from other Kawi-riders.

    Then there is the dealer situation. Raport, raport, raport! Get to know your techs and take care of them. I know tons of guys who will buy their Zooks from Travis at Camp, because the service department takes care of them. I have yet to hear any good word like that come from Beaudrys, especially now that Gary no longer works there.

    When I lived in Pullman for 4 years, I took my bike all the time in Mac's Cycle and by that second year they were taking care of me. They were doing all my tire changes when I brought the wheel in for free, after all the money I dumped into them over the years with services, valve adjustments, etc.

    Same with Westside, which is another larger local dealership. I get to know Josh and Lee back in Service because they have gone above and beyond when it comes to work done on my bike. I took my rear wheel in there for a tire swap at the beginning of the season a few weeks ago, and he said I'm looking at a 3-day wait. Nothing I could do so I waited. Lee called me up a couple hours later that same day and said he got it taken care of and to come pick it up. So it made me feel good that they were taking care of me, and the recent $450 service they just did was fine with me. And did I mention how much knowledge those guys have, just ask them a question and they will educate you to make an informed decision. I never felt once they were steering me wrong.

    Sorry for the long ramble, just my two cents.