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Going for a ride, 8/19 - 12pm

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by BCspur, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Going for a ride, I'm going to head out about noon. If you are interested hit me up at 253-882-6712. I feel like going south today, maybe hwy 8 or 12 or 101. I just want to get out.
  2. I missed this one didn't get out of the office until 2....hope you had a good ride.

  3. Didn't see this till just now. Brought my rear stand over to mikes this morning and just finished putting new tires on the bike just now. Hope you had a good ride. Thinking about doing a short putt this evening just to get out on the bike for a few.
  4. It was a good ride! Went down I5 to Hwy 8 then hit 108, then 101, onto 104, then hit the 3, then Hwy 16 and home. Weather was great until I got to Quilcene, and that's where I detoured to go East for some continous nice weather. :) About 5 hours total.
  5. Just a little late :scratchea
  6. Sounds like a good couple hundred miles. Hope you had some company.
  7. Nope, just me, myself and I. :shock: I tried to get the word out as early as I could and even texted a few people.
  8. Send me a text next time 503.858.3189
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  9. my number is 253 312 0414 hit me up for a random ride.
  10. Does your husband know you are getting all these digits from all these dudes?
  11. Actually he prefers for me not to go alone, in case something were to happen.
  12. He does, but he travels alot and is currently not available to ride. He has met most of the people I ride with and I qoute him, if I had known you had gone by yourself yesterday I would not have let you go.
  13. I put my number out there for people to contact me not necessarily get thier numbers
  14. ....posted number on CL for ya
  15. Was that under missed connections?:mrgreen:
  16. yeah no one on here is a stalker anyway...right????
  17. did you change your number?
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