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Goldwing on a Mission

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by cordodor, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Now that's impressive.

    Was it filmed at Deal's Gap?

  2. Linky no worky for me...:( Can anyone else host it up?

    TIA, if possible.
  3. Dont right click and save as, instead click through on the link and work your way to the vid.
  4. I got it now, thanks. That's pretty good! Based on the number of bikes around and some other vids I've seen, I would say that the Gap is a good guess for location.
  5. God Damn! That guy must be related. That's how I ride mine. Wish I had been there. Oh, that looks like some fun.

    But what's up with the camera rider? He can't even keep up.


  6. That kicks ass!!!!! He is probly faster then me!!!
  7. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    probably on a harley ;)
  8. Yeah, you're probably right about that.
  9. All I got was audio, no video :x
  10. make sure you have good video codecs.
  11. Listen to the motor.....and the exhaust / peg feelers scrapping away :)
  12. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Ahahaha!!!! :thefinge:
  13. Looks like fun road to me.
  14. I have a clip of me getting some groceries. Anyone want to see that?