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Gonna be riding to the Tri-Cities this weekend

Discussion in 'Central' started by beansbaxter, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. I am taking off tomorrow (Friday) from Spokane, heading into Pullman for a brief visit, then taking the back roads all afternoon (wont be in a hurry) to the TriCities.

    I'm going to be stayin Kennewick with WaSSted from the board here, he is takin his Honda into Shumate to get dynoed and remapped, etc.

    I am going down there for work, picked up a huge contract that will take the better part of my Saturday, but I'll be around in the evenings on Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to meet up.

    I'll probably take off early afternoon Saturday for a small jaunt on the moto, thought about riding south toward Umatilla and making a loop out of some road if anyone wants to roll.

    My cell is in my profile if anyone wants to call me while I'm down there. It would be nice to meet more members while down there. I'll probably pass out some flyers as well to get this part of the forum a lil more active...

    Oh yeah, if anyone from Spokane wants to make part of the ride down there, maybe break off on your own route to start heading back, that would be cool too. Just have to stop in Pullman and drop off some MotoGP tickets to a friend.
  2. hey man, if you want i know some decent rides around here. saturday night ok with you? call me 509 551 8065. i work friday 2:30 to 8:45 at night. after that id be game to go ride too.

  3. Dang it
    was looking forward to hangin. Got to work nites all weekend 430 to 430.
  4. we can always meet up saturday early afternoon before u head to work?
  5. DAMN! I am going to be in the Dry-Shitties all weekend as well but have sport the mini-van with my boys. Wish I had a truck to take the bike in. My friend has a sv1000 I want to ride with!
  6. Daniel, A pretty cool ride (one of the few) is to ride to Goldendale (about 2hours each way) ...or at least try Webber canyon above Benton City. It's about 10 minutes west of Richland, and will drop you off in Kennewick (total ride=45 minutes max). Or if you just want to meet some guys, go to Clearwater St. Friday/Saturday evening between 8-10pm that's where they kick it. Some are cool, some are'll quickly figure it out! You met a couple of my buddies last summer, and chances are, they'll be there planning out the ride for the next day.
  7. johnny are you talking about hastings? ill be there tonite most likely as well as tomorrow night.
  8. so yeah, dan you owe me roadhead for a year....... :mrgreen:
  9. How was it Beans? Did you meet anyone?
  10. Yeah I made it to Tri-Cities but things didnt go as planned, that's for sure. Met up with WaSSted and Zach from the board. There were a LOT of sportbikes and import cars in the Hastings parking lot on Clearwater in Kennewick. Very, very young crowd there too...need to get them on the forum here...we handed out flyers to some.

    An unfortunate turn of events prevented any riding past Friday. I met quite of few riders there though, even saw a Buell. Took a lot of pics too, will get around to posting them this week.

    I rode Zach's 05 ZX-6R from TriCities to Spokane, had a blast on it. I want a 6R now more than the 10R, I'll be posting up a full review very soon.

    Shwaa rode back to TriCities with me on Sunday and we started the Adventures of Beans and Shwaa, it was good times. Shwaa talked to anyone and everyone about the site, really trying to get the word out there. He crashed at my place back here in Spokane before taking off this afternoon.

    We want to go back there very soon. A few riders from the TriCities are gonna try to make it to Trixie's BBQ in Pullman a week from now too.

    Zach...hand out flyers and get Full Throttle to help out too, please.