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Good N. Oregon Ride?

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by tophog, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Since I live in Salem I don't ride up north that much. I heard there are some good roads up around Claskadine (sp?) and Mist? I think I've been up in that area once and ate at Camp 18? Can someone recommend a good day trip?
  2. Hwy 47 is great the whole way through. If you go up to Clatskanie, you hook a left right after Safeway and you'll start what's known as 'Mist' which is the beginning of Hwy 47 out to Mist (town), 117 turns in 11 miles, very tight, be careful, but great fun, then u can follow that south and run it for like 45 miles.

    I went up there 4 times this summer.

  3. Great, thanks Spec. I think I may try a loop north via Vernonia, Mist then either to Clatskanie and Astoria or Vernonia, Mist, Jewell and 202 up to Astoria. Is 202 any good from Jewel to Astoria?
  4. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    Not really unlees you're on a SM.. what I'd call a bit on the rough side, ask GSXR75020 how he feels about that 202, but oh yea baby, twisty as all get out.
  5. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    at jewel take a left to 26. Head towards the beach about 10 miles and left on 53. Best road in N. Oregon IMO. also as 53 starts to straighten out take a left on the miami road. Nice little shot of twisties takes you to 101 just south of garibaldi. 202 is pretty bad. It does have new pavement from just before Olney all the way to astoria. There is a state sub station and I almost always meet one in that area.
  6. Tophog:

    Old Man here. Del and I met you at Detroit Lake when you were with Spec. If you're looking for a ride near the Clatskanie area, e-mail Twisties4me. He lives near there and knows all the roads. He's also looking for someone to ride with.
  7. Have you done the Willamina to Bible Creek run? If not, give me a EM.
  8. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    Don't forget to hit up Lewis and Clark Rd. there just out side Seaside, woo hoo now there's a fun road. Thanks Jason for telling me about that one.
  9. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    so did find that one. It is a nice little stretch.There is a little side road off of that, the last time I was on it they were repaving it, so it could be really nice. It connects back to 202 in Olney. I don't know the name of the road but it goes past youngs river falls.
  10. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    you need to check out the east side.....some incredible roads over here...
  11. Wow, thanks everyone. Lots of great info! My only problem is I'll probably try and hit everything in one trip :) Think I'll leave Salem and do 219 out of Newberg via Bald peak road, gaston and thru Forest Grove, then up to Vernonia, Mist, Clatskadine, back down to Mist, 202 to Jewel then hwy 26 up to 53 south then Miami road ...101 south ...and if I have enough left in *my* tank I may do Blaine road near Beaver which turns into Bible Creek road into Willamina then Hwy 22 back into Salem. That should flip my switch, ya think? :)
  12. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    Dang, thats a great route. Wish I was going with you. Have fun and let us know the road conditions that way.

  13. Did you do the ride today? I can go with you sunday.
  14. Well I left @ 9:30 this morning and just got home (6:15). I had an awesome ride and I'm worned out! I did the exact route mentioned in my previous post. The road between mist and Clatskadine was spectacular but the first 10 miles or so of Hwy 53 south of Hwy 26 is simply unbeleivable! I had so much fun on on that road I turned around and rode it not twice, but 3 times! :)

    That Beaver Creek Road (aka Miami road) was also great. I even turned in Beaver and took Blaine Road up/over via Bible Creek into McMinnville. Not a road for much of a fast pace but lots of turns and transitions.

    R/T was 315 miles. My bike is caked with bug guts. Damn lots of yellow jackets out everywhere too.

    I must apologize for not inviting anyone but I wanted to make a solo trip as I'm still practicing how to ride a sport bike correctly. :) I didn't realize riding a harley is more like sitting in a lazy boy. :) I've been reading various books, etc. and have learning a bunch. Today was my day for OJT based on what I've read and I can beleive how much I didn't know ...and here I've been riding for 8 years. It was fun to really see how the stuff in the books work when you concentrate on what you're doing. I think my cornering has improved 100% this summer but I still have a long way to go to get where a lot of you are at already. I did surprise myself a few times and go over far enough to drag my boots ...and I was completely comfortable. While it startled me I realized I was on the right track to doing something right.

    The ride a few weeks ago with Spec, OldMan and Twistees4me made me realize I needed some serious skill development so that's what I've been concentrating on the last month or so. Still a long way to go but riding seems more fun now that I'm challenging myself to learning how to really ride. So much stuff to remember and focus on. I do want to get our with you veteran riders more often so I can learn from you :)

    Twistees4me ... sorry I missed you. I may ride tomorrow but I'm going to play it by ear and will probably stay down south here. That ride over Quartzville Scenic Backway would be a great ride right now with all the leaves changing colors at the higher elevations.
  15. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    Sounds like you had a great time. I do the same thing on 53 all of the time. I once did it 12 times in an afternoon. The nice thing is that there are no houses up there on the best part of the road.
  16. It was a great day for it Tophog, glad you had a nice trip.