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Good Route or Road in the Tacoma Puyallup area...

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by mcastro253, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Looking for a good road or route in my general area. Anyone have any Fav's?

    And by good guess I mean lots of twisties..More the Better!!!:mrgreen:

    Let me know...

    Or I guess just post your google map route of your Fav one if it's in the area...
  2. i like to ride out in the orting area. not much for twisties though. its a good route. i dont know how you do that google map stuff but i go down orting hwy (route 161) through orting to orville road. orville road turns into 264th. you have 2 options. you can stay on it and go back to meridian and head back to town or you can make a left on orting-kapowsin hwy and head deeper towards eatonville. that road ends up on meridian closer to eatonville. not much for traffic on this route which is why i like to go back here.

  3. Are there any roads that are good for twisties around the same area (Tacoma/Pullyallup) - or even further. I haven't found really anything - I don't know WA well at all.

    The only really twisty road that I've been on is the one on Mercer Island (Mercer Way - the one that goes all around the island). But it's got tons of traffic. It's a sort of residential area (I only found it because I was visiting a friend that was staying at his cousin's house in Mercer Island).
  4. Green River Rd in Auburn is ok but short. Green Valley Rd out of Auburn is good. Dash Point Rd isn't too bad either. None of these stretches of road are even close to being anything epic but do the trick.
  5. you can ride hwy 7 when it opens up. thats the regular spot for riders.
  6. Yea I noticed it was closed a few weeks back.

    Do u have any idea when it'll open back up?
  7. riding to redondo beach can be kind of nice ride if you go through browns point and along the coast. Might be kinda slow on bigger bikes but for low end CC its a nice short ride about 25 miles or so. 1hr round trip.

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  8. last i heard, sometime in september. you can google WA State DOT and it will be on their site.